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The Reasons Why Your Skateboard Turns On Its Own

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Don´t you just hate when your skateboard starts to having like a mind of its own? Well there could be a lot of reasons why this is happening. Yes we know it would be normal that skateboards turn a bit on their own but it shouldn´t affect your riding, if that is happening then it is not normal and you should check your board. Here we will tell you which are the most common reasons why this happens so you don’t get angry when it does, and you could fix it if you can.


Your Bushings Are Shit

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

The most common cause of why that happens to the board is often cracked or dried bushings. These are the plastic pieces in the center of the trucks. The thing is that over time the bushings lose flexibility because of weather conditions, steering and impacts. This happens generally for steering more in one direction than the other, making one side squash more. Leaning into the opposite direction of where your board wants to go could help you to even it, this may take a little while. If that doesn't work, then it is time to change them.




Loose or Tight Trucks

Maybe a truck is tighter than the other one, causing the deck to steer in a certain direction. Also, if the trucks are to loose they may cause your board to deviate from their path. You need to make sure the trucks are tightened evenly.


Faulty Pivot Cup Bushing

Pivot cups can also wear down, causing the board to turn. You will need to remove the kingpin to see if you have a bad pivot cup. This is located on the base plate, so it will be necessary that you open it up and see if it still fits properly. Also, take the cup out and see if the cup has cracks.


Cheap or Toy store Deck

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

If you went to a market and got a board with everything assembled and with the deck wrapped in plastic, then you probably have bought a toy deck. A way to check if that’s the case is spinning the wheels and see how long they rotate. If they only rotate between 2 or 4 seconds then you have a really bad skateboard. And if is just one of the wheels stop spinning then maybe you have a bad bearing or a tight nut. Cheap decks are going to give you a really hard time, so try and buy a more expensive one instead, you will notice the difference.


Broken Bearings

This can cause wheel wobbling and an accident. So always check that your bearings are still in one piece and clean them because they collect dust and dirt. Well maintained bearings can help you to have a lot more of stability.


Screws, Bolts and Nuts

This is a very unlikely option, but if you have checked the other ones and it weren’t neither of them, then you should check the other stuff. Check the large nut on the truck, it must be tight. Wheels must be attached properly. The Nuts at the side of the truck axles must be tight enough.

There you have it, the reasons why your skateboard may be turning on it’s own. If one day this happens to you here are the things you must check and we hope this helps you so you have a well maintained skateboard and keep riding.



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