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The Prodigiousness of Isamu Yamamoto

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio, is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


A lot of pro skateboarders owe their careers to the constancy of having started to skate from a young age –think about Nyjah Houston, Ryan Sheckler, or Leticia Bufoni–. And, some of them are part of a huge boom of incredibly talented and disciplined kids that, during the last decades, have performed in several skate competitions and have beat the pros with some kind of ease. That’s also the case for Isamu Yamamoto, who at the age of 14 took first place at the World Freestyle Round-Up Skateboarding Championships that took place in 2017 in British Columbia, Canada.


The Father Is To Blame


Isamu is the son of a former Japanese skater named Shoji who is also responsible for introducing Rodney Mullen’s tricks to him through YouTube videos. The kid was so amazed by Mullen’s freestyle, that he even has said in some interviews that he was the reason for him to start skating, he inspired him to become who he is nowadays. Shoji encourages Isamu to keep on going with his style by saying that he is more of an artist rather than JUST a skateboarder, and that sensation impregnates his way to ride, is striking on his tricks.

This dude is an acrobat. Every single movement, twist, and turn that he does on a skateboard looks so effortless and complex at the same time that the only expression that we can all get when we see him perform for the first time, is a jaw-dropping tongue-out jumped-eyes face, and the feeling of wanting some more. Actually, most of the videos that he has uploaded to the internet have gone viral due to the wonderfully executed technique with which he dominates the board. He seems so focused on what he’s doing and hypnotized all the time by his own movements that we can catch on to his creativity. Those feet are gold!







Japan’s Tradition

Back in the 1990s, while street skateboarding in America was going up, freestyle was going down. So, Toshiaki and Masahiro, a.k.a the Fuji brothers, were crucial in keeping the legend alive all over Japan making efforts in building a community around contests, exhibitions, and diffusion of this style so, even when almost three decades have passed since that time, it is inevitable to count Isamu as an inheritor of that feat. Freestyle skateboarding in Japan is a family affair where parents and children share a common passion and collaborate with each other’s growth then, it’s really awesome to hear that there are vast movements and so much excitement and support around skate culture. That’s what keeps it growing.

Along with his skating, Isamu loves manga, which we know, is a very long-established artistic expression in Japan besides anime. Thus, if he imprints half of the talent that he has on skating, on drawing we’ll need to get ready for the next big thing. We’re be pending on everything that he’ll do.

Go check his tricks and the artworks that he has shared with us via his Instagram account and Youtube channel. Follow him, support him, and share his creativity.




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