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The New Converse CX-PRO for Skateboarding

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


There are skaters for all kinds of tastes and shoes. That's why the footwear skateboarding industry is so diverse and has let in brands like Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Converse. But who let the brands in? Credit for that must go to the skateboarder who wears them to skate and make incredible things with them.

Converse has launched their new CX-PRO SK CD OX corduroy-covered from the "Active Heritage" Japan collection and it comes with three colorways; brown, black, and gold. This new shoe has remained the classic brand motifs adding some special details to make it a new version.

These shoes have reinforced seams for extra support and protection on the sidewalls where a skater normally scrapes. It has a special gum and thick outsole to a major grip and a design with one star, strong laces and comforts inside. It has a comfortable price as well for a pair of these.

We remember Converse with the Chuck Taylor All Star since the 40s and when this style of shoes was used by skateboarders like Rodney Mullen or Christian Hosoi in the 80s. It's weird to see that lots of skaters could skate with a shoe that is almost like being barefoot.

Louie Lopez, Kenny Anderson, Raney Beres, Mike Anderson, Al Davis, Brian Delatorre, and Jason Jesse are part of the official Converse team and for them this brand is like a symbol of admiration and respect for what the company is.






Converse has been in the industry for more than a hundred years and have positioned products like the Skidgrip, the One Star and the Jack Purcell as well. These shoes were created in 1908 as a sports shoe focused on basketball, then other athletes began to use them to play tennis, to run, to train, to be in fashion and more.

Without the brands knowledge, skateboarding was using this kind of shoe due to a lack of special footwear for its practice. So these riders wore all the sports shoes that existed to carry out their practice, especially Nike and Converse. Then, those companies understood the potential market that was there which pushed them to begin exploring how to create a good shoe to skate.

Even though skateboarding can be really simple and many riders prefer the classic ones those that weren’t created for skateboarding but that look like they were. Additionally, there are the other professional skateboarders who provide the company with enough knowledge to improve their product in getting shoes like the CX-PRO SK CD OX to the market.

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