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The Legends of Vert in Pro Skateboarding

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Vert is a huge part of skateboarding culture and there are some skaters that made it what it is today. In this article we are going to focus on the skaters that owned the vert and made it into what it is today. To this day no one has taken their places, and may never will.


Pierre-Luc Gagnon

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

Known as “PL” or “PLG”, Pierre is a Canadian skater that began to skate in 1988, participating in his first competition in 1992. He has won 10 gold medals in X Games (three gold) won in Vert, Vert Doubled, Big Air and Best Trick. He is the winner also of the Vert division in the Maloof Money Cup. He has a street style merged with his tricks doing vert that deserves praise.






Bucky Lasek

Bucky is an american pro skater since 1990. Eventhough it was a bad time for Vert the success of X Games allowed Bucky to once again launch the vert to skateboarding stardom. Bucky has won 10 medals (6 gold) in the X Games in vert modality. Also, he has won titles in the Vans Triple Crown, Slam City Jam and Gravity Games. This made him one of the most important vert skaters in the world. He has done sick tricks such as the Switch Frontside 540, Heelflip Frontside Invert and the Heelflip Frontside Gay Twist.


Bob Burntquist

Pro skater born in Brazil, as a grown man he decided to emigrate to U.S. and his biggest feat was in the 2001 X Games when he was losing the first place to Bucky Lasek. Burnquist made an impeccable run with multiple tricks no one saw before. Even Tony Hawk almost lost his voice commenting it. His specialty is changing posture while skating and he has a signature trick called one-footed Smith grind.


Tas Pappas

An Aussie skater that toggether with his brother were the number 1 and 2 skaters in the world in front of Tony Hawk. He took over the skateworld in 1992 with a punk rock style that showed a completely new face of skateboarding. With a crazy story that Netflix made a movie about him called “All this Mayhem”.

Following his success with a Hard Rock Cafe competition, he and his brother were recognised as the mos important vert skaters, reviving the vert skateboarding popularity


Tony Hawk

Known by every skater in the world and considered the best skater in vert, he was the first to land a 720 in 1985 and a 900 in 1999 wich was his greatest feats in skateboarding competitions. Along with Activision and Neversoft he created the best skateboarding games until this day. Tony Hawk Doesn’t need too many reasons after all we have said to be recognised as the mos important and influencial vert skater of all time. 

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