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The History of Skateboarding: How it All Started

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


We have come a long way to get to where we are, skateboarding is evolving faster than ever and it is difficult to keep up with all the SHIT® that is going down. It´s good to see the past to know where are we going in the future, so here we present a brief history of skateboarding.

As we all know skateboarding was created in California, what we are not sure of is when. In the decade of the 50s, surfers were looking for something to do in the days of low waves, this led them to assemble roller skater trucks to some wooden planks so they could surf the concrete. At this time it wasn´t known as skateboarding but as "Sidewalk surfing". By the 60s some companies started to develop and redesign the shape of the decks and trucks in different materials, but it wasn´t untill the early 70s that the introduction of polyurethane wheels changed this shit forever.

The Evolution of Skateboarding: Shapes and Materials

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

This new material allowed the boards to have a better grip to the ground so you can make hard turns and go faster without losing control of your board. This also allowed the skaters to skate new terrain, and with the drought in California skaters began to skate all the empty pools of the city which lead to vert skateboarding and the construction of the first skateparks.

The 80s became the decade that evolved the tricks complexity with the invention of the "Ollie" and the creativity from skaters like Rodney Mullen or Christian Hosoi the world saw a new face of skating that quickly became a global industry that moves millions of dollars. Freestyle skateboarding gave a new approach, opened up infinite possibilities on how to skate and redefined what would become what we knew of today as street skateboarding.

During the 90´s skateboarding consolidated as a social and cultural movement, many young people started to skate and to identify with what skateboarding could offer to their lives. Shapes finally found their way as the street skating became more popular and big brands started to make moves in the industry after a setback at the end of the 80´s.






The Future of Skateboarding: Social Media and Culture

skateboarding in the future hoverboards and social media

Skateboarding is always evolving, the new technologies are changing the way we see and consume this sport, social media have become a huge part of the last decade of skating which is now a big influence in different cultural movements such as fashion, music and art.

We're excited to see what skateboarding has to offer in the future, this generation is making a huge impact and the level of skating is crazier than ever. At the same time the evolution and passion of skateboarding and this piece of wood with 4 wheels keeps on proving to be unstoppable to millions of people.


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