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Your Guide to the Skate Tool

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


One of the things you learn as a skater is how to put together your skateboard, you will have to put the bearings inside the wheels, then the wheels will be assured by the axles nuts.

When you get the four wheels with the 16 bearings you will then have to start putting together your deck and trucks, both in the right way. Then you're going to tighten the eight screws as good as you can and it's up to you if you want to use boosters or let loose your axle.

The grip tape is something to care about too because you'll have to stick it to the board and at the same time take care to not have any air bubles, once you do that, you will have to use a knife to cut the leftover, and if you dont have a knife creativity is with you.

Basically a skateboard has grip tape, deck, trucks, shorties, wheels, bearings and even separators, and of course nuts, screws and some accessories. This means a lot of tools to tighten each thing and if you are an amateur you need the basic guide to choose the right tools.






What Do We Need in a Skate Tool?

First of all skate tools are essential for skateboarding because of all our need to assemble stuff onto our skateboard, you're not going to load up in your backpack 4 or 10 heavy tools just in case your truck is too tight or loose or you have a broken bearing.

Whatever we need, the skateboarding industry offers you a multi-tool with an all in one solution. To me, that's amazing because my first tools were a pack of different tools, and with tools I started to lose them one by one.

Anyway, you have some options to choose a skate tool, for example, there are the basics tools that are five, Phillips screw or an Allen Key, for the shorties, bit, 3/8″ Socket, 1/2″ Socket and 9/16″ Socket to tighten the different nuts sizes.

Those options you find on each skate tool and if you don't care about the details, you won’t need much more, except that you will have to look for a scalpel or a knife, feel scratchy with the grip tape, extract your bearings with an extra tool or with your axles and then fit them on again and all that stuff.


Which Options Do Skate Tools Offers?

You can decide on the Everland Eskape and A&S Creavention, both simple and with the 5 tools, or the Silver Skate Tool (ratchet version) and Bona Skate Tool, both with ratchet option, but the Bona Skate Tool have something special that we are going to talk about right now.

Besides the standard features, the tool comes with a bearing tool to extract and fit it with. If your axle doesn't let you tighten your nut because you have worn it out you can use this way to re-thread it and thus save your axle for a last session.

The tool has a small attachment called an eighth of inch Allen, maybe it could be if your axle nut needed it. Likewise, there is a rotation system without having to keep taking it off. Finally, you can use the grip tape sander or precision file for smoothing your grip tape edges.

Definitely I want the last tool, thanks to these new options I can be assured that I won't have to look for another one to fix my things and going from 5 options to 10 options in one will give you a chance to be free of extra files.


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