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The Best Skate Video Parts of 2020

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Video parts are really important in a pro skateboarders career, especially because of the incredible memories the rider leaves for the entire community. These types of videos are identified by their variety of spots, most of them in the street and others in the most difficult obstacles of the skateparks.

Likewise, the videos are filled with tricks, spots, memories, a ton of patience from the filmmakers and hard effort from the riders to get their dream videos. As we have mentioned in past articles, to be a pro skater you will need to nail teamwork, discipline and consistency.

Here we have five of the best video parts of the year by amazing skaters like Nora Vasconcellos, Ryan Sheckler, TJ Rogers, CJ Collins and Didrik Galasso who show off their talent on the board.






1. Nora Vasconcellos' Welcome "Seance" Part with Thrasher



This video lasts 11 minutes and in it Nora is falling a lot but is getting all the hard tricks despite all those tries. It proves how hard it is for a pro skateboarder to get a trick when the spot is unusual and you want to try something different that nobody has done before.

The video was launched in January by Thrasher Magazine, it was filmed by Ritchie Valdez and Mike Gilbert, both giving her a good vibe and taking care of her well being. She skated in a variety of spots between the skateparks and streets.

Nora is pretty unique and when you see her fall and then try one more time until she lands the trick, you definitely feel the pain but also the motivation to go out and skate and dedicate some tricks to her.

"Never has a Rough Cut been stacked with equal parts purple and pain. Bear witness as Nora summons the courage to get up after some ground-rattling slams while attacking wicked concrete walls," Thrasher Magazine said on their official YouTube Channel.

Nora is a professional skateboarder from Pembroke, Massachusetts. She got to be known all around the world with her participation and victory at the Vans Park Series where she took first place in this global competition. You will love to see her skate, and if you watch this video you will feel inspired to skate.



2. TJ Rogers 2020 Video Part with The Berrics



This video part was launched last week at The Berrics and it's received an excellent reception. The edit was filmed by Devin Lopez, it's almost three minutes long but you can see a very complete set of tricks and TJ being so happy with the result. It was full of street, flips, flights, lines, a solid pop, flow and consistency.

"Our 2019 Battle Commander TJ Rogers has put the finishing touches on a video part that will blow you away. With huge drops, super technical lines, and control for days," The Berrics said on their official YouTube Channel.

However, people wanted to see more of TJ skating and for sure it leaves a great memory to continue working on the next one. Rogers is a professional skateboarder from Canada, but his dreams were always in California, so he decides to go there and make his dream come true.



3. Ryan Sheckler YOU GOOD? Video Part with Red Bull



You Good? is a Red Bull section on their YouTube Channel. There is a compilation of all the riders from the brand and this one was a special one of Ryan Sheckler in Japan. If you watch it let us know what is your favorite moment, ours was the end.

The video began silent where you just hear some skateboarding sounds and different moments from a skaters daily life. This is the work of a pro skateboarder recording his video part and Shecks decided to do it in Japan. During the video, we can see a whole team of filmmakers and photographers capturing each moment.

The last Shecks video part was nuts! Ryan's career is full of stories, he has been one of the most iconic skateboarders of all time. Seeing him on the road is something to be grateful for, he proved his level in this video part.




4. The CJ Collins Video Part at Red Bull



When we think about street places to do a video part, well for CJ curves, bowls, full pipes, old pools and for sure skateparks are important. So Collins recorded his video part in the most unforgettable places in California from the time when skateboarding and verticals were popular.

"Abandoned pools, desert DIYs, and even some action in the streets from everyone's favorite all-terrain animal, CJ Collins. CJ got in the van to go fast and stack clips from California to New Mexico to Texas, and this, his first full part for Red Bull," The Berrics said on their YouTube Channel.

"When I pitched the idea for the part I wanted to shoot CJ in a lot of spots that were just like graffiti," Josh Henderson, CJ's filmer said at The Berrics. And they got a final result where CJ looks pretty street but conserving all the park modality. The soundtrack for this film was a 10 years old song called, T.R.O.U.B.L.E. by We are Wolves.

CJ is 17 years old, born in the USA, his career began when he was 10 years old and he shows off his skills in Vert, Bowl, Pool and Park. He has been like a prodigy kid who is able to do amazing things on his board and during this video part, he proved it.


5. Deedz's "Føkk Dude" Part at Thrasher


This edit is a good reminder that Norway's skateboarders are full of talent. Thrasher posted the Didrik Galasso video part last month. "Deedz eyes spots like no other, scoping lines and making magic where most would just skate by. The dude is one of our favorites," Thrasher said in a video post.

Didrik is from Larvik, Norway, he is 25 years old and is sponsored by Nike SB, Enjoi, Ace, Spitfire, Bones and Smoothiexchange. This video part was for Enjoi with Thrasher collaborating and the final result is full of street spots that everyone would love to skate.

Likewise, the music for this incredible video is made by Scotch Bonnet Records, a song called Did you Really know by Mungo's Hifi ft. Soom T. Watch the video and let us know which video part you like the most.


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