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Tampa AM Presents: Global AMdemic Finals

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Independent Best Trick

Before the main event took place, the hosts Paul Zitzer and Andrew Cannon presented the clips sent by a lot of participants to run for winning the Independent Best Trick Award. All of the competitors uploaded a clip to their Instagram account tagging both @spottampa and @independenttrucks along with the hashtag #IndyBestTrick where they’d be showing their best single trick to earn a $2000 purse courtesy of Independent Trucks.


A bunch of awesome tricks were unified within a montage where we could see long rail slides, kickflips, 360s, varials, and pretty much everything, we even got to watch a board splitting into two parts during a hard fall by @victoraquinoskt that closed the whole compilation. Then, the top 3 was set: The 3rd place was for Brazilian Ygor Picolino (@ygorpicolino) who took home $250 USD for making a pico-grind nollie flip nose slide followed by nollie flip fakie out that drove the judges NUTS. The 2nd position was taken by Lucero Enterrio (@lucero_enterrio) from Argentina that, by making a super clean biggie front backside flip, gained $750 USD. And, finally, the winner of this was also Brazilian Mauricio Neves (@nevesmauricioo), who shocked us and the judges with a nollie backside big spin noseblunt fakie that granted him the remaining $1000 USD.


The Global AMdemic Finals

The judging panel for the Global AMdemic was still formed by Kelvin Hoefler, Mike Sinclair, and Kelly Hart and the rules were very much the same: The finalists had to film a line up to 60 seconds that were different than the one they sent to get to the semi-finals and e-mail the video directly to the Tampa Skatepark Team. The Judging Criteria included difficulty, execution, and variety of tricks, use of course, and style, and the scores given by the judges were going to be averaged.






The top 3 competitors, who came from the semi-final were, in score order: Dylan Jaeb (94,84), Keyake Ike (94,65), and Filipe Mota (91,57). Followed by Daiki Ikeda (89,10), Vinicius Costa (88,31), Jorge Simoes (87,82), Juan Ignacio (86,87), Ismael Henrique (85,54), Raimu Sasaki (85,03), Mauro Iglesias (84,49), Marcelo Batista (83,92) and to close the cut Jhancarlos Gonzalez (83,42). Early, the members of the team apologized for missing one of the best runs from the qualification round: The one sent by Gabriel Fortunato who, due to the incredible quality of his tricks, entered the semi-finalist group right away and completed the 13 contestants group.

So, the contest started and the skater’s clips hit the road from last to first: Jhancarlos Gonzalez got a 79,67, then Marcelo Batista appeared and gained 85,67, Mauro Iglesias earned 76,33, Raimu Sasaki got 78,67, Ismael Henrique had 80,33, Juan Ignacio took 77,67, and Gabriel Fortunato scored 85,00. So, one of the first higher scores arrived by the hand of Jorge Simoes who slid up the rail twice, traveled the course really fast this time and ended up his line with a surprise switch hippie jump to point 91,00. After that, Vinicius Costa took the lead with an amazing and clean run full of different slides, grinds, switches, kickflips, and combos that gave him 92,67.



But then… a big WOW for everyone, 14-years-old Daiki Ikeda jumped directly to first place by doing a 360 double-flip, a 270 flip lip 270 out, and a lot of transitions on the course, which gave him a 95,67 score that only Filipe Mota could overcome. Brazilian skater with the same age got 97,00 for landing perfectly several tricks like a back heel, a kickflip back tail, a blunt kickflip fakie, a full cab heel, and backside flip among others. Later, Keyake Ike scored 89,00 and Dylan Jaeb 90.00 but the podium was already set: The 3rd place was for Vinicius Costa, the 2nd place went to Daiki Ikeda, and the winner was Filipe Mota who got $1000 USD courtesy of Monster Energy and will go straight to Tampa Am 2021 Semi-Finals.

We really enjoyed watching this competition and we’re glad that initiatives like these are taking place around the globe. So, congrats to the contestants and the best regards to our readers. Skate safe.


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