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Surf City to Decriminalize Skateboarding

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Funny that a city with surf in it's name would make a board illegal in the first place. Even though Surf City has a skatepark to enjoy skateboarding, the activity has been prohibited in the streets by the government who wants to avoid accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. 

“It shall be unlawful to skate or go upon on roller skates or skateboards on any of the streets or sidewalks within the boundaries of the town,” Sec. 17-66. of the town’s Code of Ordinances reads.

Maybe they built a skatepark in this North Carolina’s city to control the streets and not let them skate around. However, we should agree with the fact that lots of riders use their skateboards to move from one place to another and if they get a conciliation among the affected public and the government they could get a compromise.





Changes Are Happening in Surf City

Now that skateboarding is considered a sport, every government of the world is giving it a chance to show that it can peacefully be in society even if it in the past was psrt of a counterculture. Well, we should agree with the new opportunities the kids and youth see in skateboarding as part of their lives.

So Surf City is taking in consideration to open the door to skateboarders and also to let roller skaters move around the city, whilst taking preventive measures:

“The Town of Boone, in particular, has a policy that Surf City staff said they would be in support of implementing. It would allow skateboarders and roller skaters to utilize roads in town with a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Skateboarders would have to give right of way to pedestrians as well as other vehicles” WECT Staff expresses in an article for the WECT6 News.


Skateboarders Are Waiting For a Final Decision

For now, skateboarders and inline skaters will have to wait for the next audience to talk about this new opportunity to move around the city on their sports elements, a code that might be changed if they find an agreement. That date will happen next month.

The fact that the United States was the pioneer of skateboarding doesn’t mean that in every state skateboarding is alive and well the same way as in California; to the Surf City government it is difficult to change something that has been in effect for almost 30 years. Let's see what happens.


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