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Street vs. Skateparks: Which is Best?

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Professional skateboarders are very complete in the sense that they are able to skate almost anywhere and surpass any obstacles in their way. When you first set out to skate nowadays you most probably are starting in a skatepark, while back in the days you would have to do most of your skating on the streets.

In this article we're going to put the skatepark and street side-by-side to see if we can come to some sort of conclusion about which one are best, kind of an old fashioned pub brawl between the two types of skateable locations.


The Street Contains our Cultural History

As a skater you will learn how important the streets are to the skateboarding culture. It might sound a bit cliché at this point but skateboarding really is a lifestyle more than a practice.






Skateboarding was born on the streets with its slopes, parking lots, schools, banks, public spaces, cultural centers and more. So if you have been asking yourself why skateparks are designed with all those types of obstacles that you find on the street, well, you might consider the skatepark a mirror of the street.

The difference between the places are that one was created to move the skaters from the streets to a specific place, while the streets offer you an infinity of spots that probably no one thought would even be skateable, streets are harder and often come with the bonus of annoying guards.

In some way skateboarding is developing due to a constant clash between cultural heritage and the concept that youth, and especially skaters give to those places. This means that those iconic street spots to skate are the result of a long time without skaters giving up on going there, think MACBA.

Some skaters say that the street is the best place to train for a competition, there you have just a few tries, pressure, limited time and theres a lot of elements that you can't control which makes the variety of the experience of skating on the streets greater than in the parks.



The Skatepark Gives Us a Place in the City

In the skatepark we can repeat our tricks as many times as we want, there our skills can increase faster and the challenge depends on the park. A lot of skaters use the parks to perfect their tricks and lines before hitting the streets to get the finnished product.

The skateparks offer a controlled environment where it is easier to be consistent with your tricks. A skatepark is also the first place you go as a skater or when you are visiting a new place. These places are going to be full of people and sometimes skaters don't like that, but you know how important it is to have a skatepark when you just want to feel safe and skate the whole day.

Likewise we can consider the parks a reward for being a strong community, because the government had to give us space where we got to create our own environment. A place to plow our road and project our sport to the surrounding area. Skateparks have given us a chance to generate a community where we can teach and learn from other skaters.

To me a record pulled in a skatepark is a beautiful thing, being a witness of those gifted skateboarders who just started rolling around and then seeing them flying and doing it so well, makes me feel a sense of pride as a fellow skateboarder.


So in Conclusion..

If you're wondering about whether to choose a park or the street you should really find a way to love both of them. Both alternatives have so many positive features and they compliment eachother. Never forget that you live skateboarding, and you never have to ask anyone for permission to do it. It is the same with spots, tricks and friends.

Skateboarding gives us happiness, it helps you focus on yourself instead of the environment, it provides fellowship with other skaters and neverending unforgettable experiences. Skateboarding makes you strong, sure of yourself and all of this is expressed outside, on the street or in a skatepark, on a skateboard.

The parks are great, but it is a fact that we need the streets as well, even if we have a thousand skateparks plenty of people all across the world will still shred the streets.

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