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Steven 'Lefty' Breeding: Overcoming Adversity With Skating

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Steven went through a lot after loosing his arm when he was 13, but skateboarding allow him to turn this traumatic event into something immensly positive.


Overcoming Tragedy With Skateboarding

Steven was just a few days away from his birthday when the car crash happened and his whole life changes. He had a new challange in life to overcome and in an early age. He was already skating before the accident but then he wondered if he could still skate and keep improving his craft. When he got out of the hospital he took the skateboard to see if he still had it. He made a manual at the first try and realized it was on. A big obstacle he has is falling on his right side and not being able to catch himself, so some tricks are harder to try just because of the danger of what can happen if he falls on that side.


Skating, Another Reason To Keep Going

Skateboarding helped him to keep going and he knows skateboarding is a big community united because of the same passion, doesn’t matter how you are or where you come from, we all are skaters and that’s it. His story shows that nothing is impossible in life, shit happens and you just need to keep pushing forward, be positive and support the persons around you that care, your familyand friends. We don’t know what is going to happen to us in the future, but we can enjoy the moment, appreciate every day and every moment just like “Lefty”. Keep moving forward.

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