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Steve-O: The Prince of Madness


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The jackass, the clown, the wild boy in person and the man that can withstand huge doses of pain while performing the craziest of tricks and acrobatics in seemingly impossible and stupid conditions is also a seasoned skateboarder. Known for his stunts and performances in television series such as Jackass and Wildboyz, Stephen ‘Steve-O’ Gilchrist Glover received like many others his first deck on a Christmas Day on 1985 and since then, beside his career as a stuntman and professional clown, had used on several occasions to show some of them shredding skills at any given chance. His style is daring and border line looney, even if he tries to pull together a skit of any kind, he still manages his skateboarding to remain serious. Though he’s no pro skater, Steve-O makes skateboarding look just as fun, incredible and professional as any of the boys and girls inside the big leagues. This is Steve-O on stage!


The Skateboarding Clown

Steve-O: The Prince of Destruction skateboarding jackass

Steve-O has been performing since the late 90’s, just as he recieved his professional clown degree in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College: he wanted to join the circus. During his training and studies, while learning all the clown tricks and stunts known to men, Steve-O was one of the few trainees to add the skateboarding variable to the equation. Let’s just say for starters that he can skateboard with his feet and legs but also while standing on the deck with both hands and arms. It is said that he could even pull a stunt where he backflipped on the deck while spitting fire.






When joining the circus didn’t work out, he was recruited to be part of the Jackass crew, where he did among other stunts various skateboarding numbers alone or with fellow Jackass, close friend and pro skater Bam Margera. During this time, he was introduced to the big guys of skateboarding, a gift that Steve-O received well as his performances grew bigger and his skateboarding skills started to take that weird but awesome unique style.

He is proud for two tricks he can realize with a certain twist: the self-proclaimed ‘Kryp-Flip’ and the Varial Heel Flip (link to top 10 tricks). One skateboarding stunt however, back in 2016, costed him a serious injury: he broke his right ankle in three different places, his left leg and left heel while trying to bomb drop a wooden column which was to be hit by a car. He did recover after a major surgery that did not stop him from his almost daily pranks, stunts and skateboarding performances.


Steve-O and Social Media


Steve-O’s career is now almost entirely compiled in his daily posts in social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channel, this last one being where he uploads content trying to pull stunts, pranks and even skateboarding tricks once in while just like in the old times. He once made a skateboarding park in his own house with his ramps and half pipes, inviting pro skaters such as Ryan Simonetti and others to enjoy it.

He’s also big-time admirer and friend of Tony Hawk and make shout outs to the Tony Hawk Foundation attempts to build skateboarding parks and spots all over the US and other countries. To this day Steve-O doesn’t quits neither on the stunts or the deck, he has shaped his life through them and will continue to carrying them as long as it takes and as long the body can endure; for fun and having a good time does requires some risk too. Break a leg, Steve-O!



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