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Squadturdays: GX1000’s Adrenaline Addiction

By Paula Osorio.
Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


GX1000 is a skate crew whose name was inspired by the Sony VX1000, a classic camera that was the favorite of many when making skate clips. Ryan Garshell leads this crazy gang of spunky dudes. Together they have pulled some of the riskiest stunts in the scene. Even though Ryan has stated a couple of times that this is not strictly a “team”, because it remains open to anyone who wants to skate with them, you can frequently spot guys like Sean Greene, Ben Gore, Yonnie Cruz, Matt Finley, Andrew Torralvo, Adam Taylor, Pablo Ramírez, Stephen McClintock, and a bunch of other gnarly rippers in their videos that could count as members.

After reading this article and checking out some of their vids you won’t dare to powerslide a hill without thinking about these guys and their gnarly stunts.






A Bloody Birth


Ryan started off his career as a videographer by filming scenes for different magazines. SLAP Mag was one of the companies that welcomed his talent and supported his ideas as a filmmaker. Between 2014 and 2016 Ryan decided to put together a group of people who lived by the "skate or die" mentality and did it better than anyone else. He could do this thanks to the creative world that was opened up for him. That was the birth of GX1000, a team that has made its way into the industry with fearlessness, gaining the recognition of everyone who says that they are a skateboarder. 


This squad has only released two full-length films, the first was called “GX1000” (2016) and the second  “Roll Up” (2018) which has been listed as “fast, raw, scary, and blood spilled”. Along with these movies, they have also worked on short clips like “Get Off My Block” (2014), “Living in the Bay” (2014), “SF Is Where The Heart Is” (2015), the glorious “Adrenaline Junkie” (2017), and “El Camino” (2018), all of them being juicy pieces of great performances and funny moments. They also have a series of clips taken while visiting cities like Barcelona, London, Montreal, Medellin, and unknown locations in Japan. They're so excited about extreme skateboarding that every move they make can be seen as a gutsy trick ready to trigger our anxiety.


A Remarkable Formula


Something we love about their videos is the ‘nerdy’ characteristic of their intro. All of their intros have the sound of a VHS camera being used, you can hear the sound of the tape moving in the camera and the sound of buttons being pressed. This trademark is as recognizable as its simple. Their rad logo is composed of the name of the crew written in a pixelated font. It shows that they aren’t interested in gaining recognition with marketing hype, but through their skills and the guts that they have to attempt the tricks and downhills, they love so much.

While writing this article, we thought about what components were needed in the equation in order to shoot the perfect GX1000 video and we came up with several ingredients. First of all, a huge and almost impossible hill to ride, then you need the ripper who is willing to dash downhill through traffic lights at full speed, you’ll also need a camera-man with a good zoom lens to follow the skater as they almost disappear in the distance, also a couple of spotters stopping cars at intersections that could potentially spoil the fun, and a lot of spectators anxiously enjoying it all. So if you have all of this you could get close to what these guys portray in their vids. You are welcome to join them, you can find them throwing themselves down the high hills of San Francisco.


Would you try the stunts that the GX1000 team have done? Are there any of their videos that you can't stop watching? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.


Skate safe and peace out!





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