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Social Media Algorithms: The Robots That Help Skateboarders

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


The earth has more than 7,500 thousand million people, and at least half of them are on social networks. To connect with the world, we just need to open an account, share our personal information, and accept or add people as well. 

We can remember Hi5, MySpace, and MSN Messenger as the old ones, then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok as the most popular, but you might also have used Tumblr, Twitch, Snapchat, and Tinder. The fact here is that your whole life is on the web; the biggest companies like Facebook have shared all your data.

It's crazy, but for many people, it’s not a big deal when you get to be known, thanks to social media, where you don't have to pay anything to use it, but your followers are giving you enormous sums of money. For sure, you can earn money from there, and if you like it, you can easily earn from social media for a long time.







Why Are People Famous On Social Media?

People who benefit the most from this phenomenon are those who decided to show their talent to the world. It could be because they studied film, communication, theatre, action, music, or dance, or they might be professional sports players. A lot of people studied other subjects, but their dream of being an artist came true, thanks to the social network algorithms.

But if we talk about algorithms, what is that? This means the way social media divides people into segments based on the same tastes, friends in common, interaction, interests, games, and that stuff. Of course, this had to happen; the users of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are more than 2 billion.

When you, as a company, have all this information about so many people, and many of them have similar behavior on the web, well, analytics start to play a vital role in your decisions. Then everything operates considering what people want and how brands can sell to them according to their preferences.

We could talk about how insane social networks are and the role they had in driving the society toward consumerism, but also we must highlight how positive they have been for communities like skateboarding.






Skateboarding Is The Perfect Way ToGenerate Content On Social Media

As we mentioned before, people with talents are supported by so many followers that you can't even imagine, or well, now you can because everything on the web is taken into account. Why? We might not know. But how? We know the answer to this. It is thanks to the content generated with discipline and constancy from the people who love to share their lives on social media.

Then we have skateboarding. If you look on Instagram and search the hashtag #Skateboarding, there are more than 13.8 million posts about it, and if you look on Facebook, well, there are 47 thousand people posting about it, too. If you are really gifted, the algorithm that works depending on the interaction could make you super-viral and famous.

No one, not even the biggest brands, imagined it before that social media will reach out so far. Thus, the skateboarders didn’t consider it either. But now, many skaters have been doing an amazing job at creating content like Torey Pudwill, Chris Cole, Shane O'Neill with a million of followers, Tony Hawk with 6 million, and Nyjah with 4 million. There are also magazines like Thrasher with 6 million and Transworld with 1.6 million readers, and we can count many more.

Well, right, they deserve the recognition, but what about those who are completely insane and do super crazy things on the skateboard, like Christopher Hiett, Aaron Jawshomoki, Sky Brown, Rayssa, Yndiara, etc.

We can think about how amazing they are and justify their huge fan following. But now, even if you are an average skater, doing whatever you do, even just rolling around, but you can make a stylish, amazing, and attractive video doing anything you want on the skateboard, you will reach out everywhere. Thanks to social media like TikTok, skateboarding got into the algorithm as something more than special.

People know how hard it is to skate. Some people try it once, but they can’t stand up on the board like many others. There are still a few who know how to do it with class. That's why people support skateboarding because it is cool; people who skate are so unique that they make a difference.

In 2020, with the global pandemic, people began to use more social media and found amazing content from skateboarders, and so they stayed. They shared and appreciated this sport. The algorithm segmented them and continued giving a chance to new people who were doing something on the board.

Of course, if you do something great, you will receive the best response. So let's check out those skaters who never imagined having that reach in less time. They were doing things that they used to upload normally, but now, they understand that they can earn their living from social media as skateboarders.



First of all, we can say that TikTok was the first platform to give skaters the chance to be on the algorithm top. There are skaters like Dogg Face with 11 million likes and 60 million views; everyone began to do the challenge on a skateboard just because of this video.

Dora Varella dropped in a big ramp. The video had 7 million likes and 61 million views with a great song to complement. She got a million followers on TikTok, contrary to Instagram, where she has 82 thousand followers. The difference is vast!

The snowboarder and skater Anthon Bosch made an amazing video with his friends skating in an unknown place. This video reached 4.9 million views and 1 million likes, something never imagined by him, but now, he knows how far he can go.

With just a video in Canada, Yndiara Asp got 11 million views and 1.3 million likes; it is something to feel inspired about. It's amazing to see those great skaters going out of our own community on social media, breaking boundaries, and reaching new people who probably will love to try skateboarding.



Recently, Instagram, that belongs to Facebook, launched its new tool called Reels. It's exactly like TikTok, but the reach is higher than that because of the number of accounts that Instagram has; it is more than a billion people. Although this option doesn't give analytics yet, you can reach very far and get lots of followers if your video appears on the Instagram algorithm.

We can see skaters like Ethan Demoulin, who uploaded a video drop in with his dog. It was so attractive that accounts like The Berrics shared it. Even in his own account, the video got 900 thousand views and 55 thousand likes.


Contrary to TikTok, falls are pretty viral on Instagram, well on TikTok too, but there, the policies are so strict that if you are promoting self-injury, they will put your video down or prevent the people from sharing it. On Instagram, we don't see that yet, but that may be because all this is new to Instagram.

So we have an account that shares skateboarding videos and one of them was about Cole Hossman falling over the rail and a set of stairs. The video reached 1 million views and 58 thousand likes. It’s super crazy that anything can be viral on Instagram.



Finally, we can’t forget Andy Anderson who did a unique skate trick and uploaded its video on his Instagram account, using the reels option and got almost 700 thousand views and 63 thousand likes. If you look at all these profiles, they are not too huge on social media, but since this phenomenon started, the chances to become known have increased, and the talent to skateboard has become valuable for more people.




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