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Sky Brown: Ready For The 2020 Olympics

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


When you skate and just have fun it becomes just another extention of your life. This is what skater and surfer Sky Brown feels every day. But she is not only any other skater, she promises a lot and just keeps impressing everyone that watch her skate.


Sky Going Far in The Skateboarding World

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

Sky was born in Miyazaki, Japan and has a a british father and a japanese mother. At just 11 years of age she is already the 12th best street skateboarder in the olympics ranking. To be in Japan she will need to establish into the top 16 this year or winning one of the three spots the world championship gives to the winners (the fourth one is for the host country). In 2016, she was the youngest skater to participate in the Vans US Open at only 8 years old. She also won the Simple Sessions contest in Estonia in February of last year.

You will always see Sky with a smile upon her face. She doesn’t get mad, not even when a trick goes wrong. She has her chill personality from surfing (yes, she is also a professional surfer) giving her a calm attitude in every day life. She does a lot of things but in this moment she is really focused on skating, wanting to inspire a lot of girls, the kids that see her performing sick tricks is one of the reasons why she wants to go to the olympics.






Impacting the World Through Skating

She is a citizen of the world despite her young age. She lives in Miyazaki but spends a lot of time in the U.S. She already has lots of sponsors, and has become the youngest person ever to be sponsored by Nike, appearing in some of Nike’s campaigns. Pro skaters assure she has developed tricks and an improv style, she is just lacking the power and speed she will gain as shes getting older to see her full potential develop for big contests.

Sky is also is a philantropist. She designed, in collaboration with a manufacturer a skateboard which profits goes to finance skateboarding schools for vulnerable children. She saw poverty when she went to Cambodya and decided to do her part.

Being teached by pro skater Christian Hosoi, she has been improving her craft more and more every year. But make no mistake, she is still just a regular kid who loves to have fun and enjoy herself, skateboarding is only a part of it. This kid will continue to impress everyone and we can only dream of the importance Sky will have in the skateboarding community in the near future.




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