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Skaters Got To Reopen The Volcom Skatepark In Costa Mesa, CA

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


After quarantine many cities have started to move again. We have seen restaurants, sports, companies and schools close before reopening, but the Volcom Skatepark in Costa Mesa didn't open untill this week, months after everything reopened. For the community locally keeping it closed seemed like an idea that didn't make sense. due to all the positive things that a skatepark offers.

The Volcom skatepark is located in Costa Mesa, California. This spot has a lot of curves and a huge bowl but it also features a huge street zone with different rail sizes, stairs, ledges, banks, gaps and looks pretty good. There are a lot of positive comments about this place and parents feel comfortable bringing their kids there to learn.

"Tons of fun stuff to skate for all levels, well maintained, stoked to go back. Long 4 step, easy 5, and challenging 7 stairs with a Hubba and rail. Lots of ledges, a euro gap, and 2 bowls. Would recommend going during the day before it gets slammed in the evening if you can!" Thomas Allen, a local guide said recommending the park.







A Movement To Reopen The Volcom Skatepark

The community worked together to reopen the Volcom Skatepark but Costa Mesa city officials were refusing to do it even as the city started to function normally. These news left the athletes at a disadvantage because they couldn’t skate or ride their bikes during the period.

So all the skateboarders decided to show their non-conforming and raised their voices to ask for respect. All the kids, teens and youth should be practicing their sports instead of wasting their time traveling to another skatepark having this one so close.


Even if the skatepark was closed because of Covid-19, the 15,000-square-foot park should stay open just like other similar facilities and that's why collective work is important when the government isn't doing their job.

Johnny Schillereff, Element Skateboards founder, who lives in Costa Mesa and is part of this movement to recover the skatepark said that: "Everything is open. Restaurants are open. Tennis, where balls exchange hands … a dog park, with animals people pet — everything but the skate park,”. He has argued that if there is a sport where people don't need to be in contact, it is skateboarding.

As a result of the prohibition, there were skaters jumping fences and skating without permission. The situation went out of control and city officials had to solve these issues and hear from the community.

Some police officers' behaviors created a gap between the skaters and those in charge of the city's wellbeing. This event looked like war and skateboarders were close to losing it. “The cops are starting to come out. They’re berating our children and yelling obscenities at them, the community of skaters is so undervalued and discriminated against, it’s hurtful,” Schillereff’s wife, Kori, told Daily Pilot.


After a long discussion, they made an agreement and got to reopen the skatepark, “We’re being forced to enforce a rule that puts our resources at risk, that is treating kids who are just trying to recreate like criminals. If you can golf or play tennis, you should be able to skateboard,” Mayor Katrina Foley said too.

If things like these are happening in your city what you have to do is come together with your community and raise your voice to make yourselves heard and respect, like Costa Mesa did. Currently, they are celebrating the first day of the reopening, an achievement for the riders and leaders in the community.


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