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Skatelite: Skateboarding Foundation Of The X Games

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Skatelite is a company that for over 20 years has been building the ramps used for different events on the X games, without them and the quality of their ramps, none of the magnificent moments we have seen through the years in the once called “Extreme games” would have been possible.

The material has incredible features designed for the durability of ramps, for BMX and for skateboarding. Made by Richlite which has manufactured this material for over 70 years which has even been used in aerospace and marine industries!

So if this thing has been used to build some components of planes and ships you can imagine how durable and resistant it is. This is the reason the developers of the X games selected this material to be featured in all of the events’ ramps.

Being of professional quality material means it will not be worn out after skateboarders and other sports’ wheels do their attempt at wear and tear on the ramps.



Skatelite’s Vert Mission

Photo: Allie Smith (Unsplash)

It was announced in May 2017 that the first BMX and skateboarding competition “Vert Mission” was to take place in San Diego, CA. A total of 25 Skaters competed in the event in order to win not only the big bucks but also a chance to be invited to participate in the X Games of that year. This is how the long term alliance between Skatelite and the event became rock-solid, skaters had to participate and win in this event to be able to be one of the best in the Vert contests that were to take place in the Minneapolis X games.







The event took place at the Mission Valley YMCA and it was broadcasted by ESPN and the top 5 skateboarders from the 25 that competed in the event were:

5: Andy Macdonald

4: Marcelo Bastos

3: Mitchie Brusco 

2: Clay Kreiner

1: Bucky Lasek 

All of whom stood out among the other competitors by the amazing skills on the air!!


Green Friendly Skateboarding

There are many different reasons why the X games partnered with Skatelite, these things actually even maintain a safe temperature which is critical in these particular events that are mostly held outdoors and in a heavy sunny climate. The SHIT®️ is even fire resistant!

But other than that, the commitment the product has with the environment is one of the most notable things about it, having certifications from Greenguard and the Rain Forest Alliance, the product and its manufacturers assure that the process helps rather than having a negative impact to the environment which is something the skateboarding industry and the world in general needs to keep in mind at the moment of making use of woods for large structures of any kind but specifically for these events!

The products come from well-managed forests that provide social and economic benefits and are designed to improve overall sustainability in the manufacturing process reducing the emissions of dangerous gases, way to go Skatelite!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes yet again, another example of how skateboarding is making the world better in any possible way. This time taking care of Mother Earth! It is important that as consumers of such a big industry where it’s prime resource is wood, we have the confidence that we are not harming but helping our skateboarding home called planet earth!


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