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SkateFree Presents: Miami Open at Lot 11

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


We’re glad to announce the event that is going to take place this week from November the 19th to 22th at Lot 11 in Miami. The contest will come from the hand of SkateFree, an organization committed to promoting skateboarding as an alternative for children in risky environments in the city and abroad. 


A Little Bit of History

SkateFree started in 2012 as an alternative for Miami, FL children’s community to rather gather them around skateboarding and its culture, keeping them away from any risk they can suffer in their environments. The organization takes care of building safe and free skateboard facilities using the funds that they collect to provide the kids with equipment that they cannot afford for themselves and safe-areas where they can have fun on their daily basis.

Within their achievements, we can count the construction of Miami’s first DIY Skate Park in Grand Central Park, the raising of over $70,000 to support the Lot 11 Skate Plaza Project, and now, the first annual Miami Open that will be happening this week. This is an association that constantly joins forces to make skateboarding a way for children to have fun while feeling sheltered, supported, and encouraged by a community. All the event details are below.





Guidelines For The Contest

The Lot 11 Skate Plaza is located at 348 NW 2nd St., Miami, FL 33128 and to participate in the contest you’ll have to register online at Guests will have to pay a $100 entry fee. The event has 2 days set aside for practising, Thursday, November the 19th and Friday, November the 20th. On Saturday, November the 21st we’ll get to watch the Prelims and Semi-Finals and on Sunday, November the 22nd the Finals will take place.

All of the contestants and attendants will have to follow basic health-care guidelines such as social distancing, use of face masks, and hand sanitizer. To be safe also to remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds often and don’t touch your face. Skateboards will only be permitted for participants who entered the competition. For safety and security reasons, there won’t be in-person registration offered at this event.


The competition will have 4 categories: Men’s Street, Women’s Street, Men’s Park, and Women’s Park. The sponsors will be offering a $10,000 prize for the winners. The prize break down is as follows: for each of these divisions, the 3rd place will receive $250, the 2nd place will get $750 and the winner an awesome sum of $1,500.

Keep in mind that if you’re visiting Miami, you can stay at The Copper Door Hotel located at 439 NW 4th Avenue, Miami, FL 33128 and receive a 20% discount by calling 305-454-9065 or sending an e-mail to and mentioning that you're coming to Miami for the contest at Lot 11.

To beagle to join the practice sessions, you will need to sign up before November the 19th at
All the information that you’ll need about schedule and format is available now at The Boardr website. This event is sponsored and supported by Kast Skateboards, Billionaire Boys Club/Icecream, Red Bull Skate, El Señor Jewelry, and Stefan Heria.


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