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Skateboarding Tricks: How to Do a Front and Nose Manual

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


It's compared to making a wheelie on a bicycle or a bike since it basically is to ride your board just in one set of wheels, either the ones on the tail or the nose while you are moving.

Keep in mind that before attempting any new tricks it is very important to loosen your body and warm up before beginning, this will give your body more flexibility and IT WILL improve your chances of pulling off the trick, so do some stretching, yeah just like gym class, for about 10 to 20 minutes before attempting the trick.

If you are going to attempt this trick you should already feel comfortable cruising around on your board and you should already have some pretty cool balance skills since this is critical to be able to make a front and nose manual!


#1 Ride and Find Your Balance Spot

Make sure the space where you will be practicing is free of rocks or twigs and any other obstacles that might cause you to suddenly stop and fall, this could be very dangerous and you could get hurt! The first thing is to ride your board forward since the manual is a moving trick if you don't feel comfortable riding the board just go one step back and don't attempt to manual until you have to ride it in the bag!

Push forward and set your back foot comfortably on the back of the tail and your dominant foot just behind the bolts or on them in a regular skate stance!


#2 Keep Your Knees Nice and Flexed

Balance and flexibility is a critical part of any skateboard trick, but mainly for this one! Make sure your knees are bent before attempting to manual, you don't want them too bent since you are not going to jump, keep that in mind, if you try to manual with your legs fully stretched, you won't be able to and your board may slip and you could fall backward and trust me, that's not pretty.







#3 Balance Your Weight

Now we are entering the manual field! Slowly and carefully move your front foot up letting the weight fall on the tail of your board (keep in mind that you are doing this while moving) once you have the nose up, make sure your weight is neither on the front or back, it must be centered and balanced! Lean your torso a little forward and use your arms to gain balance also!

DO NOT LEAN BACK! Your body's common sense will tell you to do it but if you do my dude, you will fall on your ass!


#4 Ride That SHIT!®️

By now you should already be rolling while the nose of the board is in the air, to be honest, this trick will take a while for you to learn, but if you dedicate your time to it and PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! You will probably be able to have it in a day or two!

This trick requires a lot of patience and practice, so don't get disappointed if you don't get it in a try or 2, that one of the first laws of skateboarding says that you WILL fall and you WILL get hurt sometimes, but as they say, no pain no gain!

Nose Manual!

Is pretty much the same SHIT!®️ HAHA! But really it is! You just have to turn it around and balance your front foot instead, not gonna lie, it is a bit more difficult than other tricks but it's basically the opposite as a regular manual, same motions applied to a different foot.

Watch a lot of videos online, we will leave one below!

There you have it, my dudes, here at SHIT®️ we care about your improvement, so send us your clips, questions or tips and keep on riding




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