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Skateboarding Styles: Longboarding Vs. Cruising

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Some people consider skateboarding as the practice of tricks, and there are many other different styles which are also practiced with a board, some of these styles have also evolved from the beginning of skateboarding back in the ’50s, it’s a little bit like human evolution if you think about it.

Currently, the most popular discipline involving a board and 4 wheels is the street skateboarding style, being the one with the most mainstream media coverage, even now being included as an Olympic sport which is not an easy task for any discipline to achieve. Street skateboarding is practiced by people all over the world! And it brings up new generations every year which has caused it to endure over the decades and it will do so for many more to come!

There are however, other disciplines that involve the same amount or even more skill than this discipline, and as we mentioned some people don’t know how widely related all of these styles are!







Photo: Ibrahim Rifath (Unsplash)

The practice of longboarding began in the 1950s and it was actually the beginning of it all! Surfers started to modify and build boards similar to the ones they used to ride waves but made to surf the ground! This discipline did not become very popular compared to others like freestyle skateboarding and cruising once these came along, manufacturers began to make boards smaller with time which also made this particular style fade in the background.

It wasn’t until the ’90s when Sector9 came along to provide an alternative to the still underground longboarding crews that exist to this date, they started manufacturing boards especially for the practice of this discipline, other manufacturers joined and wheels and trucks started to be built, longboards became their own and completely separated from what we today know as skateboarding.

With the coming of the internet, small groups started to gather and meet up to develop the discipline and even create competitions that are still held to this date. As you can realize, the fact that it is not covered by media does not mean that it is not popular or even fun to practice, it involves a tremendous amount of skill! Imagine yourself going down a hill at 60mph (which is the average) or even more! The current speed record is held by Peter Conelly by going downhill in a speed of 91.17 mph!! Some crazy SHIT® these guys do!

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Photo: Kristaps Solims (Unsplash)

Cruiser boards are used more as means of transportation, they are various sizes but could even be as big as a penny board! These boards were mostly used for freestyle skateboarding back in the ’80s. They don’t have a specific shape when it comes to decks but one very common thing is the length of the trucks that could be the smallest ones among any other kinds of boards. The wheels are the same material as the ones used in longboards.

These are a perfect choice for people that just want to use boards for transportation!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes and as we have mentioned before, there is no style better than the other, there is just one for each and that’s the beauty of it!

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