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Skateboarding Styles: How Do You Skate?

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Different Types of Skateboarding Styles

Some people tend to think that skateboarding is only what they can see on events like the X Games, or in the parks but skateboarding is technically any discipline that involves a board and wheels, which could be of a million shapes, sizes and forms depending on the discipline you decide to practice.

Most skaters have more than one full board and more than one set of wheels and trucks depending on their daily needs and the discipline they are leaning into, lets have a look at the most common ones:


Vert Skateboarding

Photo: Chris Hansen (Unsplash)

Short for vertical skateboarding, this is the act of riding a skateboard on a ramp in order to perform tricks that involve high air time, and overall control on your body and skateboard while in the air.

It started in the beginnings of “pool riding” in the 60s and 70s which is basically skating in empty pools and it evolved to become one of the most extreme forms of skateboarding due to its level of difficulty and danger. It is common to use wider decks and special wheels to obtain more stability in the ramps and bowls.






Park Skateboarding

The main focus of this style is the flat ground tricks, grinds and slides and the venues where it’s performed.

The park structures were determined to create a street like environment, with features such as handrails, stairs, walls, park benches, and other street like furniture that then evolved to what we know now as banks, flat rails, handrails, and Manualpads. A regular skateboard is used for the practice of this discipline.


Freestyle Skateboarding

All the way from the beginnings of skateboarding and is probably one of the oldest styles known, it evolved through the years to become a discipline focused on elaborate routines that involve the use of the entire body to be able to perform tricks.

It’s an intention of recreating surfing maneuvers on flat ground, some of the most known tricks of these style are the 360 spin, Butter Flip, Fan flip and handstands to name a few.


Cruising Skateboarding

This is one of the most open skateboarding styles which became very popular among people of all ages giving the fact that it doesn’t involve tricks and it can be performed in a very wide variety of gear, but the most used are the penny or banana boards, cruisers which are made out of wood and are bigger than a penny board or just the regular longboard set up which is not recommended since longboards are really heavy and are used for a particular discipline.

You can also just adapt an old skateboarding deck with wider trucks and bigger longboarding wheels, that will do the trick! Very popular as a green transportation alternative!


Downhill Skateboarding

Photo: Chris Hansen (Unsplash)

Also one of the oldest styles, it’s is practiced with a longboard which has a similar length of snow skis, so yeah pretty long!

It’s also one of the most dangerous forms of skateboarding since it involves crazy amounts of speed, both the board and the wheels are designed for speed. Professional downhill skateboarders even have special helmets to help with aerodynamics, they also use special gloves and pads since some of the skills required to practice this discipline involve drafting, tucking, turning and more which has to be performed at very high speeds, so you better have some guts if you’re thinking on getting on this SHIT®!


Off-Road Skateboarding

This is also a tricky one, most skaters of whatever discipline tend to be more comfortable and choose smooth pavement to be able to perform, well, off-road is the complete opposite! These guys love anything from mud to clay and overall rough surfaces you wouldn’t be able to ride even on a longboard!

They actually use something called “Dirt boards” look it up kids! That SHIT® looks indestructible! and it has features specifically designed for this discipline.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, as we have mentioned previous times there is not a better style than the other! as long as it involves a board and you have fun we are down for it!


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