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Skateboarding Scene in Los Angeles: More Alive Than Ever

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Los Angeles has been historically known as the skateboarding's capital city since legendary skaters, like Tony Alva, were first seen on its streets, parks and empty public pools dating back early 70’s. It has continued as a hotspot for its symbolic value that nowadays rallies fans, newbies and pro skaters alike. This doesn’t mean the cult and respect to L.A. should be called tourism, but more likely a pilgrimage to the cradle of skateboarding as a cultural movement which transcendes from the city to the whole world. This is well known and still means a big deal for the coming generations of skaters from L.A. and from other cities/ countries. 

L.A. Today

Places such as Ventura County’s Moonpark with its iconic M shaped pillar at the Pointdexter Park embodies the dialogue between veterans and coming of age skaters, for it has different levels where both can practice and show their skills. If legacy and history of skateboarding culture is in your agenda, then a must-visit place should be the Skateboarding Hall of Fame Museum, just around the same area.

The civil township and city council of L.A. are thankfully aware of the gold that shines in the city’s name for skateboarding, and so they came out with ideas conceived also by skateboarding foundations, like Tony Hawk’s, to respect and promote the culture: the Stoner Skate Plaza at the Stoner Avenue it’s the perfect example of it, where loads of freestyle is free to watch and do. This was also a huge step for symbolic value of skateboarding, because of the premises that the park was once a site of then illegal skating but was recovered thanks to the efforts of skaters like Alex Beck and the public.

Today only L.A. has 21 city skateparks, which hold the line not only against the odds and the trial of time but preserve the essence as well of how it all began.


L.A. Legacy

Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, George Powell and some crews as the Z-Boys helad to this day the myth and legend that began back in the day at Dogtown. Venice Beach Skate Park acts daily and currently as a time machine where skaters can grind and roll the street furniture, bowls and snake runs while listening to the sound of the ocean’s waves and the sea breeze, the same ones that the big Z-Boys felt in the very first early days. The real shit began here and to this day will still lurk under any deck its value on L.A.’s background.

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