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Skateboarding: More Than a Sport It’s a Lifestyle

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


How did you felt the first time you stood on a skateboard? Or the first time you saw a few dudes go by fast as hell going down the hill? Intrigued? Amazed? A bit scared?

Skating is a mix of feelings, most of them good, the thrills and the chills… But it is not all laughter and joy, as some people say “no pain, no gain” that’s right, there is also a lot of pain involved in the whole thing. This is kind of a test to see who’s in and who’s out and who’s got what it takes to embrace the many beauties of skating, since many people after their first fall, a little blood, scratches, and some bruises tend to completely quit and leave the board behind and do something else with their time, take another hobby (which is completely fine and understandable) but that’s exactly the point! Skating IS NOT a hobby and it’s more than a sport. It is a LIFESTYLE!


Skateboarding, Friends and Music


No matter how long you’ve been skating, you should by now be aware of how that piece of wood with wheels will influence most parts of your life, the people you hang out with, the music you listen to, etc…

It’s a thrill to be able to feel free and joyful and sometimes even escape form your day to day routine by just jumping on your board, putting some headphones on and going to a higher place, almost a different reality, where problems, parents, school, work and even money fade into the background.






Hanging out in an empty parking lot with a few friends, supporting and pushing each other to see who’s got the best trick that day and who’s able to pull off some sick SHIT® these are some of the few joys you will get from skating, it’s funny how we don’t even realize how that board becomes a part of us like an arm or a leg but at some point, you will just know it and it will be an amazing realization since when you look around and look at yourself, you will realize how big skating is in your life!


Skateboarding, Fashion and Lifestyle

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

So, do you remember when you started growing that hair? Or when you started using those baggy ass jeans or when the last time you went out to the street without your beanie or a snapback? Yeah, me neither… But I have an idea, probably it was when you started hanging out in the skatepark with those dudes and thinking “damn, this SHIT® is sick bro!”

Going back and realizing how the clothes we wear are part of our identity and just one of the biggest forms of expression we realize how big skating is on everyones life and how it influences the way we speak, and even the way we walk! Damn! That’s some powerful stuff!

So if you’ve been skating for a while now and you see someone gain interest in it, help them, coach them and encourage them to keep on ripping, don’t be the guy in the skatepark that makes fun of the kid with the pads that’s just learning how to ollie! It’s up to us to keep promoting and supporting each other and the skating industry. And how do we do that? You got it my bro, getting more people to skate! And if you are brand new to this, PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! And try to learn something new each day, stay focused, set goals for yourself and keep and mind that here at SHIT® you will always find some guidance from your favorite bros!


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