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Skateboarding in Manchester: Graystone Sports Action

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Graystone Action Sports is a sports center located in Manchester, UK. The skateboarding scene here is growing every day, much thanks to sports projects like this.

GAS has worked on teaching sports like skateboarding without any restriction and with the intention to continue helping, even those who have felt unable to skate because of mental or physical boundaries which makes this place the best to enjoy and confront any fear, you will be accompanied.

If you want to go there to learn or just to ride, you could book your session, there is a monthly quad skate night, pro scooter camps, coaching for WCMX, skateboarding, BMX, Roller Freestyle, Roller Skate, Freestyle Gymnastics, Parkour, Yoga, Acro and more sports; they also have great offers that you shouldn't.

This project was founded in 2018 and designed by Four One Four Skateparks, "they are the best skate park designers and builders in the UK and we’re delighted that they’ll be kitting out Graystone with our skate setup," GAS said on its Instagram profile about the building company.


Graystone is full of ramps, a bowl, mini ramp, a street zone with set stairs, rails, ledges, and different areas to compliment those. This park is a great choice to practice without rain and with an organized structure. Known skateboarders like Sky Brown, Rayssa Leal, Claudius Vertesi, Harry Main and so many more have been there as well.

The project was lead by Kevin Gray, Ben Livingstone and David G. Maccabe. Since its beginning, this teamwork has made events where they invite all their participants and professional riders that could teach all the sports knowledge too, which makes them part of a united community among all the sports.






A New Episode For This Project


Unfortunately, this year wasn't the year to accomplish goals. To Grayston it was hard to cancel all that it had prepared for the year. However, people at home got more inspiration to come back out and enjoy sports like skateboarding. 

Since everyone is going out to do physical activities, we could see how lots of people got motivated to practice skate, so now lots of new skateboarders are part of our community, and for Grayston it has been significant to start again.

Kevin Gray and David McCabe gave an interview at Boardsport Source to talk about what's new for this park. They started talking about how affected they were by the pandemic.

However, they could work to improve the experience and become more inclusive, "With the doors closed, we were able to make a few adjustments and improvements to the park, like our new access ramp for WCMX users. It was mainly about trying to stay in touch with our community through competitions like the incredibly successful design a deck competition we ran with Skatehut," explained one of Grayston directors.

The skatepark was reopening at the end of July, with the new preventive measures the number of attendees was reduced to a half. They have to constantly clean the place and encourage the use of multiple sanitizing, a one-way flow system, and social distancing. ”We are fortunate that we have almost 40,000 sq ft of really well-ventilated space to play with, but we still reduced our capacity by half,” they added to BS.

"We have introduced these measures to keep everyone as safe as possible," they said on their official Instagram account. The organization is pretty grateful for its community support because they were there to help with anything to maintain park safety. There are a thousand sq ft per 10 people.

"Our community has been phenomenally loyal and supportive throughout. When we got a hint of being able to re-open, the community and a group of parents, in particular, were right there with offers of help to get us started again. It is something we are incredibly grateful for and will never forget," they said to Boardsport Source.


The Results Of An Amazing Job


After the opening, since the place was able to its audience, the results began to come. To them, skateboarding is one of the most popular physical activities there, to kids and adults. So they always are doing a special offer to maintain their public, and they accomplish.

"It’s a great product and really good value. With great childcare being at a premium, there has also been a scramble for places and our families are so grateful for the service," Grayston said in its interview, for the team it has been so important to be there, accompanying them and giving all the right lessons.

One of Grayston founders thinks that the skateboarding industry is living through an "Olympic effect, so we are massively excited about the next few months and the first half of next year," they said, after they added that Grayston is going to be expanded and developed to get more public.

They know that any sports, especially Action Sports like skateboarding are fundamental to human well-being and it's something that everyone could see in each place where skateboarding is.

Even though there are a lot of kids and youth that aren't able to get a board, they just can't access any process because they don't have the money to pay for it or just the place to practice it. That's why Graystone's advice is to invite more people to continue working on their projects as they did.

"There is certainly an even greater need right now for projects that bring young people into action sports communities like ours,” they conclude at Boardsport Source. This project means a lot for the Manchester community and it's good to see all this development thanks to a team that did believe in skateboarding and all those sports.


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