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Skateboarding Is More Contagious Than Coronavirus

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Lockdowns have been slowly lifted in some countries more and more people have been hitting the streets lately, however, we could say that from day one, skateboarding has not been stoped at all, many skaters even take the risk to go out in lockdown and enjoy the empty streets disregarding public opinion.

People need to understand that skateboarding its a passion and it can’t be locked, altho we have advised always trough this process for skaters to #SkateAtHome we understand the need and even the mystique some could have for going out and having the streets all to themselves.

Skateboarders have even made headlines lately due to the disregard of the law, but let’s face it, has it ever been different? We do have some great news among this whole SHIT®, some parks around the US and the world are already re-opening and before we know it, we will all be out in the streets putting out all of that energy that was locked for months!





The impact In Skateboarding

Not all has been negative as many people think, at least for skateboarding, altho many skateboarding events including the Olympics were postponed, the pandemic has somehow revived the interest in skateboarding for those that were locked at home, those who were not able to skate because of their work found their old gear gathering dust and decided to get it out again! People who are new to the discipline got a chance to have some more time to get into it, research and practice, we are pretty sure that this situation instead of slowing down skateboarding, is building it up! And once this whole SHIT® is over, twice as many skaters will be out in the streets!

It has been difficult to get goods for both consumers and suppliers of shoes, gear, and more, that’s why we advise you as always to support your local skate shop and buy online if you get a chance to do it! This is the best way to support the industry while in lockdown.

Taking Back What’s Ours!

Skateboarding also made headlines a few weeks ago because police officers around California and all over the states, dumped tons of sand in skateparks to prevent skaters to visit them, a decision that had a huge impact, especially in the California skateboarding scene.

Last week, local skaters started working early to take back the Venice beach skatepark with shovels, buckets, and brooms, skaters of all ages teamed up and bought back the glory of the park after what many skaters including pro-Paul Rodriguez saw as an aggressive move by the local police, he even foretold that this was going to happen once the news of the sanding came out.

“As a skater, I was like, damn, that’s aggressive,”. “That’s like a little stronger than what they needed to do.

“How long is it going to take them before they dig it out? And so it just felt like it was an aggressive message. But as a human, I’m like, we’re going through a pandemic, I mean, we’ve got to do what we got to do.”

Said Rodriguez to local media The Undefeated.

According to some news media, police officers stood and watched as the local skaters dug out the Venice skatepark without interfering but is yet to see if the park will remain unsanded.




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Back Into Action

The pandemic has not stopped the work os skateparks being built not only across America but the entire world, the Bridport indoor skate park located in a small town in England is ready to go after lockdown, Kennesaw in Atlanta has reopened their athletic fields, skate and dog parks to the public, the same direction was also taken by South Bend and Mishawaka in the state of Indiana that since Monday this week has reopened their local basketball courts and the South Bend skatepark.

Hawaii has taken the lead in these actions by reopening all of their skateparks but one of them, which is currently under renovations and improvements to the delight of the locals!

“Glad to be back here. It’s a lot of fun having a skate park, all the tricks we’ve been working on, we can get back to polishing them up.” said two young local skaters to local media Hawaii News Now, proving that the pandemic is far from stopping the discipline and the improvement of those who love it and live for it.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, this is just the begging of a whole new era for skateboarding, slowly but steady, the world is starting to come out of the lockdown and soon enough we will be riding our favorite parks and spots again.

We hope you and the ones you love are staying safe during this difficult times, keep your head up and your bearings greased, we will be back in the streets in no time!

How is the SHIT® going down where you live? We would love to hear it first hand, how have you been practicing your skateboarding at home, what will be the first spot you will hit after lockdown?



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