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Skateboarding Injuries: What To Do When Accidents Happen


By Andres Pachon
A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It doesn't matter how good you are on your board, skateboarding is dangerous and sooner or later you'll get slammed like a potato sack. Here are some tips on how to treat the most common injuries that you and your friends will face on your board. Here at SHIT® we know you can handle a slam or a rolled ankle, but we want you to get back on your board as fast as possible so you can continue to do the shit you like.

What To Do When You Get Hurt While Skateboarding?

skate injuries sprained and rolled ankle accidents

The first thing you have to do as soon as you get hurt is to keep you calm, screaming like a little girl or start running like forest gump is not gonna help you relive the pain. Just take a few deep breaths and analyze the severity of your injuries, if it is just a bruce and nothing is poping out your flesh, walk it off and go skate, but if your body is telling you to hold still you better listen to the wise and sharp pain.

The most common injury is a rolled ankle that has 3 levels of sprain:

Level 1: Sprained ligaments are stretched, it's a mild injury that can improve with some gentle stretching.
Level 2: Ligaments are partially torn, usually 2 weeks rest and some physiotherapy will do the magic.
Level 3: This is serious shit!! The ligaments are totally torn, you'll have to take some vacation time! Usually a cast for 3 weeks and another two weeks of physiotherapy should leave you good as new.






When Skateboard Accidents Happen, Know What To Do

injuries happen while skateboarding
Photo: Anonymous (Unsplash)

When you tell your friend to "break a leg" we know you don't actually mean it, but maybe he doesn't! That´s why you should know some basic step to take care of your skate bro and yourself.

There are two types of fractures, closed ones and exposed ones, if you can see your bone you should be calling an ambulance as soon as possible. Keep yourself or your bro comfortable. Do not force or pull the leg or arm, do not try to pop it back in its place. If there is a heavy bleeding stop it by pressing on the side of the wound with a clean piece of clothing until you can get him to a doctor.

There are many ways to prevent this kind of injury, eating well and exercising are the best way, but we know SHIT® WILL HAPPEN so use these basic tips to help your bros when they are twisting in pain.


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