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Skateboarding in The Czech Republic

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


In the Czech Republic skateboarding is part of their modern culture, with places that allow every skater to enjoy the surroundings this country has to offer. With events like the Czech Skate Cup, it is becoming a place that breathes skateboarding culture.


Prague, a Skateboarding Mecca

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

The center of the hidden skateboarding culture in Czech Republic is Prague. It may not look like the type of city that is friendly to skaters but spots can be found in the hidden corners of the city and some skate parks. In prague one of the biggest skateboarding competitions is held. It also offers a lot of places like skate parks, hidden streets and monuments that offer the skate sub-culture a lot of wheel-friendly gems.

One of the most popular spots for skateboarding is Štvanice, a park of concrete that has bowls, used when the Mystic Sk8 Cup is held. You can also skate near the National Theater. You may get thrown out but if you’re lucky enough to don’t get caught, you can find rails and smooth pavement ideal to improve your craft. If we are talking about skateboarding meccas of the world, Stalin Square is one of those places, just like the MACBA in Barcelona or Pier 7 in San Francisco. 






Mystic Sk8

The Mystic Sk8 Cup mentioned is an international skateboarding tradition. This contest started in 2002. Located in Štvanice Island in Prague, every mid july professional skaters from different parts of the world gather to participate in categories such as street-style, bowl and tricks. What's more, every year there is a new street course so the two hundred international competitors get a fresh experience every time.

Even though there are skateboarding shops, it’s not usual that they stuck up on hardware and sell mostly fashion and street-wear. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop the skate community, they fulfill their skate desires in any random neighborhood or drinking in Letná Park. Skaters can be found everywhere. It is an underrated scene that is taking more force day by day.




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