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Skateboarding In The Age of Coronavirus

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


For a few months now the world has been impacted with the Covid-19, yikes! A hard one, all of us have been impacted in some way or another and there is no point on discussing scary facts or compare situations. News and social media have already taken care of that. Today we just want to discuss how this situation is impacting skateboarding and what we can do about it, how we can stay safe and keep practicing skateboarding or engaging in the culture to keep our sanity! Because let's face it, for some people skateboarding is medicine that leads to a happy and active life.

The industry has been impacted in many different ways, skateboarding mostly moves on competitions and the purchase of products. As you may have noticed by now, most of the events scheduled for this year have been cancelled, even the Olympic Games which were supposed to be happening this year in Tokyo has been postponed to next year. Skateboarding was getting its first appearance as an olympic sport to the dislike of some and delight of others, with many being excited to see how that SHIT® was going down!

But let's keep a positive mind! Let's just think that all of this stuff going on right now is just a little break Earth is taking from us and let us get some knowledge and awareness on the stuff we are not used to paying attention to and try to keep each other safe while finding ways to develop our skills during lockdown!

Crazy Times For Skateboarding

Photo: SHIT® Magazine

One big example of the situation could be given to you by the people in the industry like Tony Hawk, who in a recent interview with CNBC spoke about how the COVID-19 is affecting not only his business but the whole skateboarding industry. “I do a lot of skate events and a lot of speaking engagements. And really a lot of that is my bread and butter. And, they’ve all been obviously canceled,”
He is trying to find new business approaches to be able to keep not only his business going but also to provide a way for the entire industry to rise above in these difficult times.

Skaters all over the world have also made headlines for breaking the quarantine and law enforcement have even taken measures in several skateparks across the states to stop kids from jumping fences and ignoring the signs to enter closed parks and skate!

In San Clemente CA, officers dumped 37 freaking tons of sand into a local skatepark to prevent this situation from happening which we think is completely crazy! The same approach has been taken in several skateparks in the country. Stephanie Aguilar, the president of the San Clemente Skatepark Coalition, displayed her frustrations and said the organization was not contacted to get an opinion on the matter before it was done, “A lot of people have poured their hearts into making a better community for skateboarding” said Aguilar.

How Can You Get Through These Crazy Times?

Shitzy_Chill_Riding_in_The Street
Photo: SHIT® Magazine

There is no point in getting bummed right now, but we do advise you that for your own safety and your loved ones that you stay safe and find other ways to engage in skateboarding without risking yourself or others, here is some of the SHIT® we advise you to do:






Skate At Home!

Photo: SHIT® Magazine

We know that this is not the ideal, but take what you can get! Even though some people around the world are now able to venture out into the world, that is still not the case for many. Some of the most famous names in skateboarding are skateboarding at home and challenges have even been created by skateboarding communities online. We also have plenty of DIY guides (Do-It-Yourself) for you if you want to build your own skateboarding obstacles and take indoor skateboarding to the next level!


Play Video Games

Photo: SHIT® Magazine

If you skate and love videogames you most likely have all of the skateboarding games available and we bet you have not played some of the old stuff in a while, so why don't you go ahead and set up that PlayStation 2 that's way back in your closet and do some nostalgia virtual skateboarding! Also, as a heads up, you might know by now that Skater XL is dropping in a couple of months, we have a full article about that! and there are even rumors that the new Tony Hawk pro skater is also going to be released this year, you can read about that here as well!


Support Your Skateshop

Photo: SHIT® Magazine

This is very important! Skate shops survive from your purchases and since right now you are not able to get to it, make sure to check virtual platforms and social media! Buy a thing or two, replace those old ass bearings or even get a fresh deck to premiere it on the streets once all of this SHIT® is over!
Check out our online inventory and get yourself an early christmas or birthday present!


Read SHIT®!

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Work On Personal Projects!

Photo: SHIT® Magazine

Finish that Zine you've been meaning to put out! Now that you have some more time, peace and quiet, you can really get into those personal projects! Watch a YouTube tutorial on how to do it, or what the hell! Start your own YouTube channel and finally upload all of those clips of yourself and your friends skating, create your own skateboarding videos! Be creative, the sky's the limit!

Don't let the pressure get to you either, a lot of people are saying that you need to be “productive” during this quarantine but that's not how it works for everyone, if you just want to lay in your bed, listen to music and stare at the sealing, that's cool too! You do you!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, just be patient and keep in mind that in some places in the world this is already passing and getting better! So keep calm and stay safe, stay in touch with your homies and try to be chill at home. Be the host of video chats with friends and family and #SkateAtHome!


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