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Skateboarding in Sweden

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


After being an ice covered territory Sweden is now one of the countries with the best life quality with its high standards of education, yes, even skateboarding plays a role in education over there: In 1998 an indoor skatepark called Bryggeriets Gymnasium was built. With time and observation, they realized that skateboarding was more than just riding on a board and four wheels and decided to make it an extracurricular activity in some schools.



Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Sweden is about the same size as California. The three largest cities are Stockholm (the capital), Göteborg, and Malmö. Sweden has always had plenty of good skateboarders. They’ve been invading the Californian pro scene since the early 80s. Back then there were Swedish freestylers like Per Welinder, Per Holknekt, and Hazze Lindgren, and vert skaters like Tony Magnusson.



In the 90's it faced a great urban and social challenge since one of the great productive pillars of this city was closing; the marine transport industry. and thus, those coastal places provided warehouses, workshops and factories related to this industry would leave large desolate areas. These areas served as a cradle for space for modern skateboarding infrastructures.







Which is a piece worth mentioning because its design was created in conjunction with the community, precisely, with the local skateboarders and it was a success because the young people needed to have their ideal place to roll in Malmö.
The Stapelbäddsparke was inaugurated in 2005, it is located in a former shipyard (Malmö's western port) and it consists of a concrete bowl with different curves and shapes to slide and defy gravity in about 3.000 square meters of surface. The Stapelbäddsparken is considered one of the largest and most complete in Europe. 

This huge outdoor concrete park has an inspiring design focused on youth street culture and over the years, new elements have been added to enrich activities, generally achieving more than being a sports facility, but a true social center for skateboarders from all parts of Sweden. 



Is a spectacular competition that has been held every year since 2006 at the Skatepark Bryggeriet. It is designed by and for skateboard fans and not for awards. An obligatory annual appointment for Vert lovers.
But the Vert Attack is not just for vert specialist skateboarders. It is open to people of other disciplines and of all ages regardless of their race, sex or religion.

Organizers know that a skateboarder has no expiration date or instruction book. And that if they gather as many skateboarders as they can, everybody will have an explosive competition.



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