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Skateboarding in School: Rebels With a Cause

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skating in school hallways: forbidden. Skating during lunch: forbidden. Skating during classroom hours: forbidden. Skating as an assignment: well, fuck yeah!

Skateboarding has had a long record with almost every school in every country. Headmasters, teachers and parents back in the day would often argue how intolerable it was that someone were skating outside or inside of the school premises. It was seen, to put it bluntly, as a deranged behavior of some rebel kids who submit to no one and prefered to slack or cause trouble (think Bart Simpsons). Nowadays this has been utterly discredited, most of all cause skateboarding culture never quit and by doing so have shifted the mentality of people and institutions over the years.


Skateboarding A+

Photo: Tina Stephenson (Unsplash)

Currently skateboarding is no longer the taboo subject that schools and parents blame their students and children for being the cause of their academic failure. There’s a handful of schools in the US and in other countries that keep breaking that old-fashioned paradigm by promoting skateboarding as both a physical and cultural alternative for traditional assignments such as P.E or Drama. This space for skating is described by new age teachers and students as an important part of personality development too, an exercise of free will and creativity that no education system should let go to waste.






A Supplement to Other Assignments

Photo: Unknown (Unsplash)

Creative teachers are using skateboarding as a factual example to explain kinetics in physics class. In biology some teachers are explaining how the organs and systems react when the skater’s body is performing and in civism and ecology classes they refer to skateboarding to create consciousness of the environment and to teach awareness of the proper use of public spaces. Even social studies use skateboarding as an object of study to analyze social behavior and cultural manifestations and in math how to apply algorithms.

Old-school habits die hard. It may seem pretentious to some but skateboarding is a constant critique and empowerment for people who are not satisfied with the status quo. Skateboarding culture is still non-conformist and wants its voice to be heard. When it sees that someone is not being taken seriously in life or in their grades because he or she uses a deck it will yell out to demand a change.


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