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Skateboarding In Miami: Wheels In Flames

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Intense summers, pristine beaches, a blue sea as far as your eyes can see and even swamps full of alligators swimming and chilling around. This might be the idea you get in your mind when you think of Miami, a hot touristic spot brimmed by different cultures and styles in every corner. This were the conditions the city’s skateboarding scene has had its blooming back in the day and that even today increases like the midsummer heat. Miami is right now fire beneath the boards’ wheels and has left a scorching trace on the concrete of its streets. This is Miami back then and today.


Miami: The East Coast Caribbean Skateboarding Pioneer

Photo: Eric Tyler (Unsplash)

It is said that it all started in Santa Monica, Malibu and South Beach with them surfers and youngsters that imported the hottest new sensation coming all the way from Los Angeles and San Francisco: the skateboard phenomena. Just as on the West Coast, the sea and the surfing scene played a huge role in its early development, adding the Caribbean twist to spice the deck up. Definitively one of the first cities in the East Coast to have its own skateboarding scene with its different dynamic and style. Local legends such as John Van Wambeck, a woman named ‘Laura’ by The Miami Herald (one of the first female skaters) and Adin ‘Puff’ Pietro are still heard of and highly respected in present day.






Miami Skateboard Haven Today

Miami’s popular skate spots, official parks and public spaces are highly visited all year round unlike New York City or other northern areas, where winters can be harsh and make the skaters hide for a while. These sites are Bayfront Park, the roof of the abandoned Marine Stadium, Martin Luther King plaza in Liberty City, the steps of the Miami Beach post office and handrails on Brickell Avenue, among others.

Skateparks are a big deal to the community, making Miami one of the cities with more skateparks per capita in the United States. Kendall Indian Hammocks Action Sports Plaza, Coconut Grove Skatepark, Town Center Skate Park and South Dade Skate Park are just some of them to name a few. Definitely a place to visit, and if you're from Miami let us know more about the scene below in the comments.



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