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Skateboarding In Boston: Rolling Through B-Town

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


We strongly believe that there are no cities in the world where there is at the very least an underground skateboarding scene, however, skating is not the same in each country or city. Most of the development of the skating culture depends on the support from the community and government, which unfortunately does not happen everywhere.

We could not compare a city like Los Angeles to another like NY or Boston, just the way the weather, seasons and environment changes, the skateboarding style and how people reacts to it also does. Boston is a perfect example of this.

One of the reasons Boston is very known by skaters all over the states is the famous street skateboarding spots that have come from it, which are perfectly showcased in PJ Ladd’s Skateboarding videos Wonderful Horrible Life, City People 1 and 2, Know The Ledge Vol 1 and 2, and Eastern Standard Time! Make sure to check them out if you haven't already!


The core of B-Town Skateboarding

If you visit Boston, there are definitely 3 places that you must visit to get a good idea of the cities skateboarding scene Orchard, Concepts, and Max Hesh, 3 local skate shops that took it on their own hands to work together and keep the culture alive in Boston.

Some of the owners and older school guys will tell you that Boston is a rich skateboarding city but is still lacking support from the community, skaters complain about the quality of the very few parks that they have and mentions that these are on the outskirts of the city and that it's really complicated to get to them but travel all over the city still just for the fun of it.






There are skateparks in the city and they have also a pretty good offer of skateboarding lessons for kids and teens, but I think most skateboarders will agree on the fact that skateboarding is something you learn in the streets and that the only way to get a real glimpse of the opportunities the streets have to offer are far from being found in a park that has been designed to skate! But they are still worth a check!

Arsenal Skate Park

Features a large ramp, a mini ramp, a flat bar, a quarter pipe, a box and of course a bank.

Reservation Road Park

Features a good setup of mini ramps, a bowl, manual pads, stair sets and ledges.


Skate Wont Die!

In a 2012 interview Broderick Gumpright, owner of Orchard Skateshop at the time, gave some insight on the skateboarding situation and even mentioned how some people look down on skateboarders since they believe that skating in the streets was essentially destroying property, and that the noise is a big problem. Some even went and placed “skatestoppers” that are metal pieces that basically make ledges, rails and others, unbeatable!

He compares how in other cities like NY there are public spaces that are definitely built with skaters in mind where the dudes and dudettes can go and enjoy without some of the concerns they have in Boston.

Some of the most recommended street places to skate in Boston, especially in downtown are Eggs, Aquarium, Navy Yard, Window Sills, and Copley, all of them very close to each other, so if you are planning a trip to Boston, make sure to pin these places on your map and go shred that SHIT! You will thank us later.



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