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Skateboarding in Austria: From Vienna to Innsbruck

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Austria is a country with more than 8.9 million people. And within a skateboarding culture growing particularly in Vienna, where the skater scene is rising more every year. Vienna is always developing, with their cultural attractions and music scene. When you walk through the post card perfect streets you will be impressed of the amazing architecture they have here. It’s not a surprise that Vienna is considered one of the most pleasant cities in the world to live in.


The Austrian Skateboarding Scene

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

A lot of skaters have gone to the Austrian capital and established there, Marco Kada, Mario Wirnsberger, Ante Aiello and Muki Rüstig, etc. Everyday, more and more european teams go to Vienna so they can skate their awesome spots. Skate teams of Frido Fiebinger and Matthew Collins have created a Company called “Spoff Club”, dedicated to the construction of DIY (do it yourself) spots for the skate practice. The new Währinger Park of the 18th district deserves a visit, it is a cool spot for skaters of the area to connect.

Vienna has a special thing when it comes to skateboarding. You can easily push from spot to spot without any problem. The city is really compact and the ground around the city is perfect for skating. You can hit up lots of spots in one day without any problem. Just pretend to obey the traffic rules. One great place for skating we've been told about is the island Donauinsel in the middle of the river.






What Our Friends in Austria Has To Say About The Skateboarding Scene


We spent some time talking to some cool people in Austria. And here is what Nadia Scherer (@nadia_scherer) and Martin Schrotter (@martin_schrotter) has to say:

SHIT®: What is the best spot to skate in Austria? Have you been there?
Nadia: #Landhausplatz in #Innsbruck, it’s amazing to skate there. Yes nearly every day in the summer, it is a special place because It’s a place where you can skate as a beginner and also as a pro. There is a lot of flat ground and many different quarters to skate.
Martin: Landhausplatz, Innsbruck. Most of my time i skate there if it is not raining or snowing. It's a special place because the place is like Macba, everybody meets there to skate there... it‘s the place to be haha!

SHIT®: Do you feel that #skateboarding is accepted it in your city? Why?
Nadia: It depends on where you skate. Some people feel disturbed by it while others like our passion for it.
Martin: Many people like skateboarding and many people don‘t. Skateboarding had to get more popular but now it‘s on a high level. Most people respect skateboarding and the image is gettin better every year. 

SHIT®: Did you visit Wheels on Wood? Do yo know about it?
Nadia: No, but i heard about it and saw the video, it’s pretty cool.
Martin: I know about it because I  I saw the clip on youtube but i‘ve never been there.


Vienna Skate Crews

In the 90s the skate scene was represented by two main important crews, Vienna had the “Prater Crew” and the “Donauinsel crew”.

The Prater Crew was located in the middle of Vienna’s Prater, where you will find the skatepark “Praterbahn”. Back in the days it was the greatest spot because there wasn’t anything like it. With an “un-cool” outfit and shoegoo plastered shoes, the crew marked the skate scene. Then, there is the Donauinsel Crew, which is not what it was a few years ago, because of the new skateparks in the city. But at the same time, Donauinsel was the shit, everyone wanted to skate, film and chill in that park. In those days you had to earn respect before start skating, now it's a much more friendlier environment.

The skate scene in Vienna is highly motivated these days, every skater do it’s part to push the scene. During winter an indoor park that Roman Hackl, a Vienna veteran set up. You may not hear much about this scene because they’re not into that, their roots are too deep and they want to keep it that way. They know each other and they want to preserve the scene in Vienna. This is what true skateboarding is about and let’s hope it never dies.




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