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Skateboarding: How To Do a Kickflip


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


So... not so rookie now, huh? You graduated from air and from ollies, didn’t you, private? Not bad at all. Bravo, indeed. But do you have what it takes for the next level? It is not an impossible challenge and were not trying to make it sound hard, but you must realize now that a kickflip is a turning point in your whole skateboarding style and you must proceed with caution. The kickflip can take an average skater more than a year of training; it really has its complexities. Do not falter, however. We can give a tip or two to help you integrate them to your training until you master it!


First Ollie Then Quick the Flip


Think about your ollie: while you roll you must gain enough accuracy in order to jump and gain air with your feet and the nose and the tail of the deck. For the kickflip you need to ollie and then, with your frontal foot you must flip the nose of the board to your front foot’s direction. Next stop, while airing, you must increase the gap between your legs while jumping in order to get the whole board to flip.

The movement must be fast and high. The fastest you ollie and the highest air you gain are the two most important variables you need to work on to get the principle of the kickflip done. The timing is crucial, your toes must slide out of the surface of the nose as soon you’re jumping to obtain the flip, but your snap of the tail must also be synchronized with it to reach a decent height for the kickflip. Other variables like your own height and your ollie length come to relevance and should be considered.

The landing is also tricky, because you need to return to your board already flipped before it touches the ground. So, the movement could be summarized in ollie, then flip, spreading your legs and then closing them to land on the deck. The flip must be quick; focus on that.






Kickflip Skate Glory

Don’t think for a minute you will accomplish it at first or on the same day, or in a few days or weeks. You’ll be outdone before you know it. You should realize that you’re going to be working on it for months. Kickflips are a double workout, because you’ll need to regain your ollie, then get the hang of the flip and then the landing. The sum of its parts is easier than the parts alone.

Think about Rodney Mullen, a skater that back in the 80’s started flipping his board while doing an ollie. Other skaters saw it in awe and called it the Magic Flip or the Ollie Flip. Few of them knew that it took Mullen several years to accomplish it. There was no magic involved, but rather perseverance and huge loads of patience that skaters must master before performing any trick.



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