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Skateboarding: How To Air

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It is a leap of faith everyone should make once in a lifetime. As Icarus who soared high into the sky despite his father’s warning, it is a skater’s fate to jump into the abyss and abandon ground itself. For rookies it can be treacherous and even horrifying, because humans were not meant to fly. But even so skateboards are a gift made from human wit, designed to take on the gods themselves and reach to the ultimate layers of the atmosphere. But how does one accomplish it without wings? You just need to keep in mind the following:


Flatground, Ollies and Ramps

Photo: Tina Stephenson (Unsplash)

Flatground means just skating all along a horizontal surface, the first steps of skateboarding. Once it is dominated then the next step would be hopping into an ollie. An ollie is basically to take a jump with your deck using the tail of the board and your feet to get into the air and landing back on to the surface. Ollies have different variations depending on the level and skills of the skater; their motions, spins and maneuvers can become more complex with proper training. So, if you go full into ollies you will sooner or later overcome the right way of jumping off the ground and take your first flight, and then safely returning to earth.






On half pipes and on vert ramps a skater can gain more momentum and speed for a better jump and air taking. This should be achieved by using your weight and posture for gaining enough speed while gravity pulls you down the descending ramp and into the ascending. Once you reach the end and make your leap into the void, remember to somersault. That is remembering your legs, feet, sight and direction while performing the air. It is a feeling that skaters through their boards develop over months and even years of learning.

Once you master it you will be victorious; you can spin as much as you can concentrating only on your speed, sense, and most importantly, your control over the fall. All that goes up goes down, remember that and you’ll do just fine. So, go forth and fly away!



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