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Skateboarding Fundamentals: How To Skate For Beginners

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


In the world of skateboarding, there are some basic concepts that every skateboarder starter should know. These concepts are important because they will help you to better understand the tricks, and makes it easier to let your imagination fly while riding. They apply to all the tricks and are worldwide known. But you don’t have to stress about them, here we explain them in an easy way for you to understand.

The Way you Stand: Regular and Goofy

Standing on a skateboard with regular or goofy

There are two different ways in which people ride their skateboards, and they depend on how do you position your feet. Goofy and Regular are the names of these terms, and they are something similar to be right-handed or left-handed. Regular is when you put your left foot over the skateboard and use the right foot to move yourself. Meanwhile, Goofy is the opposite, when you put your right foot over the skateboard and use the left to impulse yourself.





The Way of Riding: Switch and Normal

When you are riding your skateboard standing in a contrary way compared to what you naturally do, it is called Switch. This means that if you normally are Regular and skate in Goofy, you’re riding in Switch; the same as if you’re Goofy and ride in Regular. Riding Normal means that you are skating in your natural way of standing, for example, if you’re Goofy you ride Goofy.

The Tricks: Nollie and Fakie

Skateboarding from shit skateboard company

Even though these terms also refer to the way of standing, it's more easy to understand them with tricks. Fakie is when you’re riding in a direction but the trick that you perform looks like it is in the opposite direction, then, your feet look like they are inverted because the front foot is going to look like it is in the tail and the backfoot in the nose. Nollie is exactly like Fakie, but it is when you’re riding in Switch. So in Fakie, you are riding in a switch stand but the trick that you perform is in the opposite direction as you’re riding.

We hope this explanation has been useful for you to better understand the tricks as you get introduced to the wonderful and crazy skateboarding world. Don’t get scared by these concepts and keep trying to improve your skateboarding skills. Remember stuff can happen, but if you keep trying hard SHITⓇ will happen!


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