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Skateboarding & Energy Drinks: Fuel For Grinding

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It’s not as simple as good business or a plain marketing campaign to get consumers and clients using idols and champions to sell products, caffeine is vital for the performance of anyone who engages daily a physical and mental activity.
The effects induced by its properties doesn’t make you superhuman or enhances your senses beyond the average person, still caffeine in energy drinks is a resource that can improve your performance in your activities, if you use it wisely. Energy drinks, coffee or cola beverages are a vehicle to get you through something, they’re a mean with an end and not and end itself. Having this clear you should be able to use them without any health concern as long you do it right. We can walk you briefly through it.

Properties and Effects


Energy drinks are primarily composed of caffeine and other ingredients like taurine, which is an amino acid that is produced naturally in your body and that your organism breaks down to enable energy production in your brain, eyes and muscles. Caffeine, as we know, is a substance that increases your blood pressure, the number of red cells in your system and stimulates your central nervous system. These effects are necessary for people who must work out through something that requires huge amounts of energy to be spent in a short or mid time lapse. Energy drinks for skateboarders, for example, are available for them to continue with their routine without the recurring risk of burning out, executing a poor performance or collapsing due to fatigue.






The activities that skateboarders do daily is more than what an average person is capable of, particularly in usage of energy and time. The mind and body must always be completely focused and synchronized to get the tricks done. For a skateboarder, the mentality of a scientist and of an artist is needed and the resistance and strength of an athlete must be mustered; this alone is too much even for a perfectly healthy, young and well-trained organism. That’s where the energy drink comes in, not as a savior but as a weapon to brandish; a full set of armor, shield, sword and helm.

How To Use An Energy Drink

You must use it before you start your exercise routine or activity. If you practice skateboarding daily (as you should) then one drink per day will do. Energy drinks do not keep you hydrated however, so the main tip to properly drink it is doing it without forgetting you water and salts intake. You must drink it always without skipping any meal and you should never mix it with other caffeine drinks or alcohol. If you do this then energy drinks can provide you with the amount of energy needed to perform without any inconveniences.

The Brand and The SHIT®

SHIT Energy Drink

Great pro skaters and skateboarder from all over the world promote and use energy drinks or are sponsored by big time brand such as Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar Energy; they use it because it works for them. They do not owe anything to anyone or anything other than their families, friends and themselves, but any process must have its guarantees, and wise men are no less wise because they give you an advice of how to proceed with yourself. If they say they like it and recommend it to you is because of good faith and because results speak for themselves. For SHIT® Energy Drink fans and skateboarders work fine just as well, for they know what they’re getting in exchange of a good and high-quality energy drink: an everyday life lesson on how to continue over your deck.



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