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Skateboarding Again After an Injury

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine!


We’ve all been there at some point in our lives or know someone that has had a pretty severe twist or even a break that has led to completely stop skating for a few weeks or even months!

Today we are going to check out some types of injuries you WILL encounter either on yourself or others during your skateboarding journey, we will also check out some of the SHI®T you will need to keep in mind to get back on your board after getting some of these! Anything from getting hit on the shin while learning your flip tricks to even knocking out a tooth, which are injuries that you pretty much need to “walk off”.

But how about a pretty bad sprain or even a bone break? Now, this is one of the biggest tests a skateboarder has to face at some point in their journey, can I go on? Should I go on? Is it worth it? This is some of the SHIT® that will go through your head, but if you are really deep into this, you will probably spend your time looking for skate videos and counting the days to go back to the streets! There is a whole bunch of stuff to keep in mind depending on the injury level you are facing, so what’s the next step? let’s check out the different types of injuries.


Rolled Ankle

One of the most common skateboarding injuries, 101% chance you will get one at some point, this is technically referred to as a sprain, and it could be the result of landing flip tricks from a considerable height and not falling correctly on your board. You can easily identify the sprain because of the difficulty to stand on the affected foot since one or more ligaments in your ankle have been affected by the forced twist made on the ankle.

If you definitely are not able to walk at all on it the next day, yeah man, it’s probably broken and you will need to get some x-rays to check that out! usually, for a regular sprain, you might have difficulty walking properly for a week or two and you really need to make sure to take care of it properly or the injury could leave sequels and become worst than a bone break.

As soon as you get one of them what you will want to do is to put ice on it, and as weird as it sounds, avoid putting heat! plain ice 15-20 minutes on, and 20-30 minutes for the first couple of days is the way to go, after this, we recommend the use of a compression bandage which will be essential in the healing process of this particular injury since it will help you with stability and support, and it will also decrease the swelling.

Regular exercises for the next couple of weeks is also a MUST, this will avoid your muscles from getting stiff, it might feel weird jumping back on your board but you will be back on your a game after a few sesh, but don’t push it tho! You will want to take it easy on tricks and heights until your ankle it’s 100% back to normal!





Road Rash

Another one you will need to get used to! This is basically falling while riding at high speeds or even after attempting a landing from a considerable height and falling on your ass causing a large scrape in the part that hits the floor.
This is not a big concern if you take care of it, it will hurt a lot for a few days and it will hurt twice as much if you fall back on it let’s say after a few days of healing!!

The only concerning factor will be that SHIT® gets infected, then you might start having a really hard time, so the first step will be to clean up the injury (it will suck) to take out any dirt or any other component that might cause an infection.

Use antibiotic ointment, you will be able to find it in any drugstore so make no excuses! Clean the wound at least once a day and be gentile while cleaning it, if you go hard on it, first, you will make it worst, and second, it will take more time to heal. Another important thing is that once it’s healing, you avoid getting your dirty hands on it and if it does get infected, you might need to get it checked out by a doctor.


Getting Sacked

One of the most feared injuries for us the dudes since it basically involves getting hit in the nuts really, REALLY hard.

This could go from a small bruise all the way to stitches and surgery and it all depends in the level of pain you feel and if there is blood involved, 9 out of 10 times it will happen on a rail and 5 out of 10 times, dudes need to be rushed out to the hospital due to the amount of pain involved, there is always that dude that can just walk it off and be back on the same rail after a few minutes!! But they might as well be machines! Regular folk like you and I will probably have to spend a day or two in bed putting ice on our balls, yikes!

You will probably need meds from your doctor, but one of the most important advice is to avoid getting hit in the balls by a rail ever again!







Probably one of the heaviest ones on this small list, this is why kids wear helmets and altho they might look silly, they could have a point after all!
It is basically hitting your head to the ground REALLY HARD, which can cause four your brain to jiggle inside your skull, yeah, is as bad as it sounds, there is not much to it but if you have these symptoms you will need to get to a doctor ASAP!

  • Not thinking clearly
  • Feeling slowed down
  • Not being able to concentrate
  • Not being able to remember
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Fuzzy or blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Balance problems
  • Feeling tired or having no energy
  • Being easily upset or angered

If this happens to one of your dudes and you see them in this state, rush him to the hospital, he will thank you once he gets his SHIT® together.


Broken Bone

This is not as dangerous as a concussion, but this could be a defining factor in your skateboarding journey, this could be a very traumatic event that has led some people to stop skateboarding altogether, either because they were not willing to skate again after going trough that SHIT® or they were advised that this was not something that they were able to do from then on. For some people, this can become a long life struggle that usually comes with surgery and even a few pieces of metal inside of you for the rest of your life!

There is no other choice than to go to the emergency room right after it happens, this is definitely not something a couple of icepacks are going to fix, a cast for a few months is the best you are looking out to, surgery and a life long recovery could be the most.

Keep in mind that your bones and muscles will not be the same after being still for a few months, so you WILL need to build back the strength and muscle to be able to perform properly on a skateboard! It really all depends on how well you take care of yourself and your break, if you follow all of the doctor’s recommendations and attend physiotherapy for a few months you will be good to go.



ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER ADVERTISEMENTAksel Sørum Professional Skateboarder from Norway



One of the most important thighs you will have to deal with is fear, as we mentioned before, this could be a very traumatic event that gets a lot of good skaters off the game too soon, but if you are truly into this for life, it will only make you stronger over time!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, we are not doing this to scare you off but quite the opposite, skateboarding is something that needs to be taken seriously! And the amount of pain you are willing to take will get you even more results, as they say, “no pain, no gain” and there is a lot of pain involved in this SHIT®, but the satisfaction of improvement and learning new tru¡icks and gaining skills, can go even beyond the hardest pain you’ve ever felt!

If you want to know how to avoid most of these SHIT®, you should definitely check out our Top 5: Skateboarding Safety Tips!


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