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How To Push




By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


In SHIT® we know perfectly well that skateboarding is all about freedom and personal style. Nobody can ever tell you how you should perform your magic. However, there are a couple of advice or ideas that can be really helpful, especially for beginners. Let's check them out and don't forget to take note.



Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Learning is never ending, not only in skateboarding but in everything. We are always learning, but there are certain tricks that are the basis and that you should aim to fully master (ollie, FS180, BS180, BSpop shove it, FS pop shove it, Kickflip y Heelflip) so don’t run before crawling. Everything is a process so you shouldn’t get frustrated if a trick don’t work out right the first time, keep going until it becomes nothing less than a piece of cake.



Loving and enjoying what you do are two of the most essential things to become the best at what you do. So skate to enjoy, even the top pro skaters love what they do. Always remain humble and generous, don’t brag about your tricks or downplay others. Be helpful and offer what you have to other skaters. If you have wax, tools, water bottles, etc. make it available to other people.







If you skate on a ramp and often get hit or injured, try skating with protections. We recommend elbow pads, wristbands and anklets. Also, at the start of each skate session, start by doing a little warm-up of the wrists and ankles.



It’s good that you go looking for spots wherever you go. There are many interesting places in cities or towns to visit: gas stations, parking lots, squares, steps, etc. Try to go to all the competitions and events in your city and surroundings, you can't imagine how much you can learn by seeing the experts. On the other hand, we have to support this type of events with our presence and encourage those who participate.



Be consistent. It is better to skate a little every day than once a week and hit yourself. After several days without skating you lose the touch and you start forgetting the tricks. By being consistent with how often you skate you won’t miss out on your progression or forget new moves!



Last but not least is your style. When you make turns, make them exact 180, 360, or 540. If you haven’t exactly turned that half turn or the full turn, don´t tic-tac or kickturn. It is much better to slide just as you fall to correct the trajectory smoothly than to pivot two seconds late and almost falling to the ground. Furthermore, It is a smart move that you videotape yourself from time to time to analyze your style. Watching your sequences in slow motion is very useful to know if you hunt the trick high, falling, or worse, that it bounces on the ground and falls later, if you pivot, if you put your arms in a strange way, etc. Analyze yourself in your videos to improve. You will appreciate watching your videos from months ago and feeling that you are evolving. Just practice, make your technique clear, be yourself and slay!



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