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How To Make a Moving And Static Ollie

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The ollie! This trick will be probably the 3rd step in your skateboarding process, meaning that by now you should already be able to feel comfortable on your board, you should be able to cruise around at a very good speed and gained some good balance.

Once you are able to ollie comfortably you are one step ahead of becoming a pro, you will be able to get on and off curves which will help you out a lot! Moving through the city and give you an overall more pro look.

There are 4 crucial parts to an ollie to keep in mind and we are going to review each one of them in detail.



Before attempting any new tricks it is very important to loosen your body and warm up before beginning, this will give your body more flexibility and IT WILL improve your chances of pulling off the trick, so do some stretching, yeah just like gym class, for about 10 to 20 minutes before attempting the trick.



This is an essential part of the ollie, it does not matter if you are just standing on the board or moving, however, it is recommended to try and start doing the basic tricks while moving (not too fast tho) but it is also fine to do them static, if you want to feel more comfortable you can start by doing the ollie on grass or support your back trucks and wheels on a crack to keep the board steady, remember, these are just some tips if you still feel a lack of balance and feel you might fall while attempting to ollie.


The Pop!

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

This is also crucial to get your ollie up in the air and if you don’t pop your board, you will get nowhere basically and you might get tired and frustrated after a few attempts, and we don’t want that do we bro?

So let’s begin, a very important tip is to just lift the front of your board while keeping your back foot on the back of your boards tail on the ground, doing this will give you some of an idea of how the motion will go while doing the ollie, now keep doing it for a good 10 minutes until you feel comfortable with the motion.


The Scratch

Now the most important part of an ollie is how you scratch the board with your dominant foot, another tip, keep the nose of your board up while keeping the tail on the ground held by you back foot and with your dominant foot just start doing the motion of scratching the board not with the front of your shoe, but with the side of it, yeah, you see that side on skateboarder shoes that’s always ripped? That’s because they are doing it right and don’t be afraid to get your shoes ripped too! Do it for about 10 minutes and make sure your foot starts slightly above the center of the board and behind the bolts and scratch it all the way to the nose of your board, keep doing it until you feel comfortable with the motion!






Alright dude, now you should already feel comfortable with the pop and the scratch lets talk about the position and lets put all of the steps above together to do an ollie! Now, you should be able to stand on your board, on a regular skate stand with your back foot on the tail of the board and your dominant foot slightly above the center of the board. Keep in mind that an ollie and any trick will be a mix of several motions at the same time and the timing is crucial to be able to pull that SHIT® off, now mix all of the motions described above in one quick motion, pop the tail of your board to the ground, this will lift the nose of the board and at the same time. You should already be scratching and kicking the nose of the board to the front like a fu$%&/g ninja bro! Make sure that once the board is in the air your knees should go up to your chest and keep your back straight and your shoulders aligned to the board!

And there you have it, you get an ollie, don’t get frustrated, it will take a while, some of the best skaters of our time took weeks even months doing this SHIT® before they were able to make a proper ollie.


Ollie While Moving

Well, it is pretty much the same SHIT®, just moving, HAHA!

But really, it is… once you have it static your muscle memory will keep the motions in your body and brain and it will just come to you as a natural movement. Just PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Watch a lot of videos online, I’m pretty sure we will leave one bellow for you, and remember that the ollie its a mix of all of these movements in a split second! So keep in mind that timing is crucial for this and any other trick, and there you go bros, hopefully, this was of help for you and keep on cruising and pulling off some sick SHIT®!




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