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How To Get On a Moving Skateboard

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


If you are reading this article and you're just a few months or even weeks into skateboarding, already got your new gear set up and are pumped about learning new things each day. We here at SHIT® are ready to guide you through this whole gnarly adventure!

Keep in mind that by now, you should already be able to cruise around on your board comfortably. If you are not so confident in this area, take a step back and CRUISE! Ride your board to school, ride it to the supermarket, ride it in an empty parking lot, ride it EVERYWHERE! Once you feel completely comfortable cruising, you can move onto the next step which is: stepping on to a moving skateboard!!

This will help you a lot in several ways, it will give you some style (and leave the rookiness behind). It will help you build momentum and also and most importantly, it will help you gain speed and improve length and height on drops, so let's get that 5: Jumping off 5 stairs, so we might want to leave that to our most advanced skaters.


Alright!, let's start with the basics and take a look at the 3 ways you can get this SHIT® on!


Static Board (While on The Floor)

Put your board on the floor (just like you regularly do it) and now that the board is on the floor take a few steps back, 3ft/1 meter away from your board would do, with some speed walk towards the board and jump onto it making sure both feet land on the bolts of the board, by now the board must be moving forward and you should have gained some speed. After jumping on the board make sure your knees are flexible and move your front foot towards the nose of the board and a regular skate stand.






Give Your Skateboard a Little Push (While on The Floor)

So, this is pretty much the same thing, except that this time you will give a little push to the board before jumping on it, in this case you will not jump with both feet at the same time but you will put your dominant foot first and then your other foot at the bolts on the tail of the board, easy right?!


Hop On Your Skate! (While Running):

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Now, here is the pro part of this little course, before you attempt to do this try to have the other 2 already in the bag, this will give you more confidence and it will make your hop run smoother and way cooler!

Alright bros, brace yourselves and let's get this SHIT® going.

Hold your board with your RIGHT hand if you are goofy footed or your LEFT hand if you are regular footed, run and drag the tail of the board on the ground for a few seconds, now JUMP! Raising your dominant foot, release the board on the line of your run, land with your dominant foot on the front bolts and your other foot at the front of the tail. It's very important to keep in mind that for most tricks you need to have a good balance, make sure your shoulders and your body are aligned to your board, you don't want to end up sending the board in the air or stepping way to the front of the board and falling on your nose do you

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! This technique will give you more confidence, more air and overall more style to your skating skills (and you will not look like a rookie anymore)

There you go bro! We hope this was some helpful SHIT®!



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