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How To Do a Varialflip

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


You’re a wizard, Harry! Oh, wait… wrong movie. Still, so far, so good, so what? You continue to grow and moving forward every time we meet, and it seems that you can only get better at this. The kickflip and the heelflip are already yours, you can shove it to anyone who ever thought you couldn’t do it when you took your first deck. You’ve hushed them for good, and perhaps you’re thinking right now two things: you cannot get any better than this and this is the end, which is silly, or you’re eager to take the next step and will keep on this life you’ve chosen until the very true end, which is why you and me remain here. So, without any delay, we’ll continue. Master the varialflip and seal the deal once and for all; after this, the sky will be your only limitation. This how to do a variaflip:


Kickflip and Backside Pop Shove-It

How to do skateboarding tricks kickflip stairs fail
Not quite like this...

Basically, a variaflip is any kind of kickflip or even heelflip that integrates in its realization time lapse a pop shove-it: that is turning your board 180° below your feet while doing an ollie and keeping your body in the same position; this trick alone is not as difficult as a kickflip, but you need to catch up on it in order to do the varialflip. Keep in mind that the pop shove-it can be frontside or backside, what this means is that the turning of the deck can be triggered by its nose or by its tail. For the varialflip you’ll have to start with a kickflip, but as soon as you ollie you must bring the backside shove-it into the party. You need to make the board flip and turn 180° at the same time. That’s why it is also called a shove-it kickflip. This is a very tricky one since you land like you do in a heelflip, so your brain must work that out in each rehearsal.






You must be quick: think of a shove-it, then ollie into it and grasp the sandpaper of your deck to achieve the flip and finish your landing. Yeah, quick in the body, but also quick with your mind, only then you will be victorious. If the mind finishes the varialflip before the body, then it’s pretty much done.


Varial Flip Combos

The kickflip and backside pop shove-it (generic varialflip) is actually one of the four possible combos to break in the family of shove-it & flips. Depending on the flip and on the shove-it the difficulty and maneuvers change in the varialflip: you got the varial heelflip (frontside pop shove-it + heelflip), the inward heelflip (backside pop shove-it and heelflip) and the hardflip (frontside pop shove-it + kickflip). Some of them require a totally different area of your brain’s hemispheres, so you must train your switching and your mental speed to vary between each of them.

Any varialflip is a laboratory where you have the freedom of experiment any combinations and variations you want to add to the equation of shove-it + ( )flip. This is where you can finally call yourself a full-blooded skateboarder because the array of different possibilities of tricks unveils before you and to grasp at your leisure.



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