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How To Do a 360 Aerial

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


So… here we are, at last. It was a long road, but you did it. Well done: You’re now a gravitational anomaly. You can boost yourself high, turn your body and land on your deck like it was not a big of a deal. You live currently on a different plain and no one can drag you out from it. So… this is the end, beautiful friend? Well… thank god it isn’t. Stay humble, still. Or what? Did you really think that it was over? It is far from over, for the true beauty of it lies therein: as long as you keep skateboarding there will always be something new to learn and to do. There’s no finishing line, and if there is, another one will be waiting for you right ahead of the last one. But for now, let us end this part of the journey with a revolution… 180° cannot be the end. Finish where you started! Do a 360° aerial and begin anew.


Speed and Air are the Keys


Don’t forget what you have learnt until now. You need to face the slope once again and charge! Speed is key to gain enough momentum to build up your time on air. Simple physics: you cover enough distance in a short lapse of time to muster the necessary kinetic energy to gain the impulse to rocket off the ramp. Seconds before you jump, the first tip is to have in mind the 180, it is the base of any twist and turn trick that follow it. So make sure you and the 180 are in perfect communion. Don’t loose it by any chance and remember your stance!






Frontside or Backside

For a 360 aerial you can do frontside then backside (f/b), backside and finish with a frontside (b/f). Pro skaters suggest you start with a f/b, since it’s slightly easier to get done. So when you go frontside you got to turn during the air to counter your stance: if you’re goofy you go frontside to your right and if you’re regular you go frontside to your left. Your legs, hips and core must work to get turned to the opposite side of your stance. That’s when you do the 360, when your already in your 180 but do another turn just before you land once again in the ramp. This requires half of a second to make.

Use your knees in midair. Bend them as much as you can and use your hand to get the deck on place; both maneuvers will get you through the complete 360° turn. Unlike the 180 where you end with the same stance you begun, in the 360 you need to finish with your other stance, so be sure that for this trick your are well-versed in the ancient art of switching both hemispheres of your brain and get both your right and left side in perfect harmony, only then you will be apt to perform the trick.



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