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Skateboarders In Support Of The BLM Marches

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarding has been known for the inclusiveness and multicultural approach to the youth, anyone can skate no matter how much money they have or the color of their skin, in recent events, an entire country was shaken up by the murder of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes while he cried for help.

There have been events like this one that has sparked anger and sadness all over the world since the beginning of our modern society, many fights have been won and many others lost, but situations like this one really shed a light on the racial issue that to our sadness, has lingered through the years only to become a “concealed” judgment and resentment towards not only the black community but also LGBT+ and even foreigners that have to deal with accusations, prejudice, and violence from those who have kept the hate alive inside of them, spreading it in their communities and even teaching it at home.

But society has had enough! They are outnumbered and they WILL be accountable for their acts and their hate.






Skate In Solidarity

More than 1000 people all in skateboards, rollerskates, and bikes gathered on Thursday in Utah, SLC, in support of the BLM movement in an evening filled with mixed emotions.

Skateboarders, some of whom stenciled “black lives matter” on their skateboard decks as a statement of support, rode across the stairs circling the square of Liberty Park getting cheers and applause from the crowd, that joined to the peaceful protest encouraged by the movement in wheels.

The movement continued through the evening and became an event that attracted a lot of people from the local community as skaters displayed their skills pulling off sick tricks to entertain the massive amount of people that joined, some even climbed in trees to get a better view of the spectacle.

The movement that was denominated “Black Lives Matter, Skate for Solidarity” remained peaceful through the entire time it was held, some agree that this is a one of kind way to protest that kept violence and other means of destructive outlets out of their approach and that let out all of their emotions, support, and statements on the tricks that were performed and the energy and solidarity provided by the crowd.

“I think this is so cool. This is the first skate protest that I’ve seen. I love that we are finding new avenues to protest or just come together as a community and say black lives matter,” “I’m here to be just another body, another person that shows my solidarity with the black community.” said one of the spectators of the event to local Utha new media Deseret News.


Philly Rises Up

This has not been the only movement, truth is, skateboarders have been there since the first displays of solidarity that needed to be shown after the sad departure of Floyd in over 140 cities in the US only demanding justice for him.

Skaters has been seen and photographed tough this entire process all over the states, however, these 2 movements in the past week stand out due to the fact that this was no casual encounter, skateboarders made use of social media to arrange a date and time to go skate and speak out against injustice, word on the streets is that there are many more movements like this on the way, and we cant wait to see them!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, we invite you also to check the following links where you can support the BLM movement, donate and be up to date with all of the moves that are going down:

The Black List: A Non-Comprehensive list of Black-owned brands, retailers, and organizations in skateboarding that you can purchase your goods from.

Black Lives Matter: donate to the movement directly

The Minnesota Freedom Fund and The National Bail Fund were you can find a full directory and donate to bail out and support those who are being arrested by the police nationwide amid protests.

These are just a few of the resources we have to support the movement and protesters, make sure to go online and find even more ways in which you can help, share and spread this info with your friends and family.


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