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Skateboarders Against Humanity

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Humanity as we know it has declined into a vortex of calamities. Natural disasters, wars, pandemics and corruption had devoured any surviving speck of the great accomplishments of the ancient heroes and laid to rest any hope for tomorrow. The present has been tarnished and the past has been incinerated in an unseen pyre. The sole definition of ‘human’ is vague reference in the footnotes of a long lost and forgotten history book, for even though people of flesh and bone still linger in the surface, ‘human’ is not what they are now; the great cataclysm has converted a large amount of the world’s population into empty shells, husks without a soul that serve only to money making machines and screens that feed their immediate pleasures.

Skateboarder tales and stories
Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Mortal beings were sundered in three different tribes of men and women: those that survived but are not at all alive are called the Screeners; the ones who perished before and during the Great Cataclysm and now are part of the cosmic force trapped between Earth and the After Realm called the Earthbounders and the lost tribe that escaped many years ago to no one knows where in some high tech devices called ‘S-Boards’, hence their name: the S-Boarders. A legend that survives from those times is the one that tells of how S-Boarders were the last race to stand against the Great Cataclysm. Champions arise wielding mythical S-Boards and used their power and skills to shred and grind the minions of the Cataclysm, fighting for their way of life and to bring forth peace and justice to the world.

At first it was an even showdown, until the Great Cataclysm started recruiting into its lines those who were disarrayed or did not care for the struggle that claimed to take immediate action. The evil entity knew it couldn’t win without them and so brainwashed the people with its malevolent nuance by using small screens implanted in their hands to lower their heads and sights in order divert their awareness from their surroundings. And so, the Screeners came to be.






The S-Boarders started to be marginalized and outnumbered. Sooner than later they lost because no one supported them, for the Screeners who were now most of the global population couldn’t even see that a battle waged beneath the layers of their ‘reality’. The last of the S-Boarders tried to escape before all of them were vanquished. They swore however, before leaving this dimension and time, that they would return to reclaim the Earth and its people; to save everyone from the perpetual gnaw of the Great Cataclysm. That’s how the Prophecy goes. Somewhere out there, the S-Boarders are waiting the moment for the final encounter and their inevitable comeback.

skateboarding sci fi story
Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

Years has passed since then and not a sign of the arrival of the S-Boarders have come to the earthlings; sadly, the Screeners couldn’t care less of it since they’re too busy in their hand screens. Earthbounders wander the Earth as lost souls without a voice and a body to be seen or heard, they wail for life. The Great Cataclysm rules now almost every inch of the known Universe, and hope seems to fade away like the dying stars in the galaxy.

But not all is lost. A bright light came from the space recently, impacting with a huge force the surface. The earth quacked. A Screener started turning his eyes off his hand screen. He felt something outside of his imprisonment; the quake was like a sucker punch of reality. He started walking with his eyes up high and looked a crater before him. At the very center of it was a shinning thing. He rolled down and tried to touch it. Before he even did it, memories came rushing back to him. He knew who he was and what was forgotten. It was his S-Board sent by his brethren. He now had a resolve and a mission to finish.

To be continued…


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