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Skateboard Bar in Barcelona: Nevermind

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


In 68 Tallers Street in Barcelona you will find the gem Nevermind Bar, a true home for grunge skater fanatics. It’s the perfect bar with hard drinks and skate. Riding and getting drunk in the place shouldn't sound too bad to anyone.


The Beginning of Nevermind

Photo: Nevermind Bar, Barcelona

The story of Nevermind started when 4 friends that worked at Manchester Bar (Alex Schoihet, Sebastián Wolleter, Ariel Gejman and Francesco Andrisano) went to a bar associated to their then job and created Nevermind. They then spent endless nights between skate premieres and a little wooden ramp that had to be modified because of legal issues. Alex said in an interview that they wanted “a place where they could merge the souls of their two bars: grunge music and skateboarding”. And after lot of work and dedication, and getting a partnership with Spoko Ramps and a collaboration with Red Bull, the dream of having their own skateboarding bowl in the bar became true.

In the entrance there are decks in exposition and black decks that lead you to a second door full of stickers that gives you an idea that you have just entered into a skate-grunge heaven. Here you will find a beer vending machine, popcorn machine, sofas, a recreational old school machine, TVs showing skateboarding videos continously and a big Kram grafitti wall with illumination system.






“Nevermind The Bollocks"

If you walk deeper into Nevermind you'll find a little bowl where lots of people are always skating. If this bowl could talk you better believe it would have some very interesting stories to tell. The bowl is open from 5pm to 11pm, a perfect time to transition into beers and just hanging out. All over the walls a board cementary with decks can be seen. From the roof beer barrels and skate kicks that someone traded for beers are hanging around.

You will find anecdotes of every day life in Nevermind like the time when a waiter called Alex Montero (a musician and skater) made an epic drop on top of the rails of the bowl, embracing the danger he just pulled it off.

People that made Nevermind their home aren’t just skaters but also music lovers. Every Wednesday there’s a DJ and every Sunday there is a free concert. A great opportunity for punk rock, grunge and stoner bands to play in the center of Barcelona.

Nevermind will continue with all the mayhem, stories, concerts and skate. if there is something more we could ask this place it would be to never close it’s doors, we mean it, don’t you even dare.




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