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Skate Story: Not Your Average Skate Game

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


There is still not much information on the game yet, but a demo version gave a lot to talk about in videogame events this year, it seems that skateboarding videogames are going to be a huge part of the market for the remaining of this year and probably the next one too, and we couldn’t be more excited about this.

Most skateboarding games tend to achieve the most realistic feel to scenarios, characters, and trick performance, however, Skate Story seems to be going in a whole different direction with dream-like scenarios and a somewhat diamond made looking character? What? It seems that the only realistic item on display so far is the actual board, other than that, everything seems like straight out of a dream or a futuristic acid trip on a skateboard.






Outside The Box

Game developer Sam Eng, its definitely trying to go as further away from reality as possible with this game, we could describe it as if you died and went trough surreal scenarios as a cristal like being while skating for your life! the payability so far is pretty rustic, altho some say that it looks much smoother than previous skateboarding games like SKATE or THPS!

It could be described as an “endless runner” which reminded us much at the actual first 8-bit skateboarding games in which you basically just moved left and right “jumping” and avoiding obstacles which is what we can see so far from the game, what’s stunning is the graphics and the concept (that we are still trying to figure out) we still want to know whats the “story” behind this skate game, what’s the point of it, what’s the main goal?


Nintendo’s Take On Skateboarding Games?

This is still not confirmed, but most people are speculating that this will be how Nintendo wants to compete with the games scheduled to be supported by the new generation of consoles like the PS5, will it be enough tho? We doubt it, but we are still looking forward to seeing what the game has to bring to the table!

A trailer was released just a few days ago, and it seems promising, especially in graphics area, which we can’t stress enough, are really dreamlike! if these guys ever decide it to make it interactive and trow in a VR experience, they will certainly get you hooked, but that’s a long shot!

The game is far from being fully developed, much less having a release date, but we consider it could be coming out pretty close to SKATE 4 wich it will be something pretty hard to overshadow! Is there something developers of this game have under their sleeve? Is there something we are missing?






Away From Skate Culture?

There are many factors most fans of skateboarding games are fond of when they think of a skateboarding game, for one, the characters! it is fun to play pretend and choose your favorite skater to perform tricks in that one spot you saw in a video right? Something that we are almost 100% sure it’s not going to happen with Skate Story, the cristal humanoid is far from looking like Tony Hawk we tell you that much!

Soundtrack is one of the other signature features that most fans of the games pay really close attention to, and we are usually used to the punk rock and guitar-fueled tunes to go along our gaming experience, this is another SHIT® we are really sure that the game is not doing! The trailer has a kind of chilled out lo-fi hip hop vibes that go along perfectly with the out of this world scenarios displayed, so yeah, don’t expect to see your favorite street or park featured in the game.

So what’s really in it for us? Is Skate Story trying to start a revolution of skateboarding games? It seems that they are trying to get away from everything we know and love from skateboarding games and maybe trying to appeal to the younger generation of skateboarders, maybe those born in the 2000s who grew up in a virtual world and might be more drawn to the vibes the game is trying to put out.

We have mixed opinions about this one but we are certainly waiting to see how this SHIT® turns out! what do you think? We will leave the trailer right below for you to check it out! We would love to hear your opinion on this one.



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