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Skate Movie Review: You Good? by Red Bull Skateboarding

By Paula Osorio
P. Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


‘You good?’ is a movie about persistence, about trying your guts out to accomplish anything you want, even if it’s “just” a trick. You fall over and over again but after you land that impossible, you’ll know that that was the first step to fulfill your dreams, no matter what they are or what you’re looking for.


Traveling the World

We got the opportunity to tour around the globe through this film and see spots never shown on any other skate movie. The making of this one, took the Red Bull’s team around 10 months of hard work, going from one location to another to find the best places to make awesome stunts and several sessions of tries after tries. We can see the guys skating in California’s West Covina and Los Angeles, Taiwan’s Taipei, Portugal, and other places hard to recognize at first sight.

The lead protagonists of this movie are Alex Midler, Jamie Foy, and Zion Wright but we can also find individual parts from pro skaters like Ryan Sheckler, CJ Collins, Torey Pudwill, Chris Russell, Alex Sorgente, Brighton Zeuner, Gustavo Ribeiro, Felipe Gustavo, Ryan Decenzo, Jagger Eaton, Jake Wooten, and Joey Brezinski having a good time and hanging around with the first three.


The cool tricks are set and accompanied by beautiful night and day shots, incredible natural and city landscapes, nice people supporting the labor, crazy slams –of course–, and much bravery from all these pros that display high energy along with huge talent and perseverance. So, besides being an amazing video part it’s also, technically, a very well done motion picture.


Gnarly Stunts With Great Style

In every single clip of this montage, we can see how great these skaters are. Midler killed it from the beginning until the end, Wright embraced his strength to perform such clean tricks, and Foy never gave up on.

Among the most astonishing tricks that we can catch in this movie, there’s this 50-50 drop 50-50 on a rail that Alex finally landed at the closure, after we got some serious goosebumps while he tried it. Zion did a wallride on Holywood 12 and, after his board broke, he borrowed another one and kept on trying it until he made it.






There’s also a part where Ryan Sheckler jumped from a 10-feet wall to fall on a very thin highway separator that made us shrink and then, go nuts –all within a second–. Akon put the music while Jamie ground every single surface that was put in front of him all the way to the end. And the rest of the soundtrack made us jump with the beat with a lot of other crazy and dazzling SHIT® to watch.

Definitely, this is another cool video part that you should go and see right now, and give us your opinion on it: Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do you want some more? Great! We know that 20 minutes of good skating is never enough, so, you can also find raw footage from Foy, Wright, Midler, and Sheckler on YouTube.

So, go ahead and enjoy this piece and let us know what do you think of it.

See you around!



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