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Skate Movie Review: We Are Blood

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


  • Rating: NR
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Documentary, Sports
  • Directed By: Ty Evans
  • Written By: Mark Anders
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Studio: Brain Farm Digital Cinema

Released back in 2015, the ambitious project directed by famous skateboarding videographer Ty Evans will take you on a trip around the world, were some of the most famous names in skateboarding go on a tour to find and skate some of the most famous spots and also discovering a few new ones never skated before.

The film opens up with a scene of no other than P.Rod getting hit by a car while skating (staged scene of course) that tries to display how some skaters put their lives on the line doing what they love the most! Shortly after, clips of some of the skaters involved in the film adequate an abandoned-looking spot, all of the crew in full DIY mode fixing cracks and eventually coming up to an introductory scene of the movie with a backlit sunset shot of the crew after skating the SHIT® out of the spot which will give you a pretty good feel of the quality of the imagery and content of the film.

The overall approach of the film is to gather cinematic quality footage of the dudes and their tricks, all to the sound of the brief narrative interludes from Paul Rodriguez explaining from his own experience and perspective, how skateboarding has become a worldwide family, gather your tissues if you’re a softy because it WILL get emotional at times.






Narrated By One Of The Best

P. Rod’s brief interventions on the narrative of the film, take it to the next level, you can really feel the love this dude has for skateboarding, and many of his comments and inputs are spot on! Especially when he refers to skateboarding as a global family, you can notice in the film that Paul was a big motivator and almost the leader of the whole pack, bringing them all together and giving them the chance to visit some of the most insane spots you can think of.

It is a really enjoyable experience to see the guys hanging out and celebrating each others tricks as if they had been skating together forever, truth is, some of these guys come from very different backgrounds, something you can barely tell when you see them all skating as one big crew, from vegas to brazil, Spain to china, these guys will get a pretty good trip and once in a lifetime chance to skate some of the most iconic spots out there.



The dudes start off their trip in a tour through various cities of the US and some of the most iconic spots in the world like MACBA, there are a few surprises along with the film that we don’t want to spoil if you have not seen it yet, but you will be amazed to see the last spot these guys have the chance to skate, being the last one, one of the craziest things you are going to see for sure!

  • Chris Colbourn
  • Clive Dixon
  • Tiago Lemos
  • Sean Malto
  • Jordan Maxham
  • Luis 'Moose' De Los Reyes
  • Paul Rodriguez
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Clint Walker
  • Chase Webb

These are some of the main names you are going to see, along with other surprises along the road, literally.







An eclectic soundtrack that fits perfectly with the ambient of the city or country the guys skate on, starting off with a powerful track from Metallica, Indie sounds from Santigold and future islands to the tropical vibes of Tropkillaz all the way to M.I.A and “bad girls” which could give you a clue of the last destination of the dudes in the video, check out the full tracklist in order of display here:

  • Ninja Tracks - Spectrum
  • Library Tapes - Fragment II
  • Metallica - Battery
  • TV Torso - No Idea Why
  • Blues Caraceno - Po Boy Blues
  • Onda Vaga - Tataralo
  • Wolf Alice - Giant Peach
  • Oberhofer - I Could Go
  • Adam Michael Schiff, Bruce Ray Fingers, and Billie Ray Fingers - Black Canvas
  • Erik Groysman - We Are Blood
  • The Knife - Heartbeats
  • Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
  • Mel Wesson and Nineoneone - Bad To The Drone
  • Nicholas Thomas and Emmanuel Armour - Secret Shadow
  • Cato Kyvik - Yang Bang
  • Santigold - The Keepers
  • Future Islands - Season (Waiting On You)
  • Dirty Dick, Carry Harry and Bart K. Hendrickson - Neutralizer
  • Zach Sciacca - Sparring Dancers
  • Swamp Drones - Gone Goose
  • Swamp Drones - Long and Short
  • Tropkillaz ft. Apollo 9 & NAVE - Mais Uma Vez
  • Justice - Stress
  • Saulo Fernandez - Raca Clara
  • Tropkillaz - Boa Noite
  • The Cloud - Anthill
  • Mel Wesson and the Nineoneone - Sergeant Major
  • The Helio Sequence - Everyone Knows Everyone
  • Clarence Buzz Chestnut and Scott A. Gates - Too Much Mustard
  • Eric Earley - Destroyer of the Void
  • Rhian Sheehan, Tony Morley, and Rachel Wood - Evergreen
  • M.I.A. - Bad Girls
  • Alastair King - Rise of the Sisyphus
  • Two Fingers - Haunt Rhythm
  • N.A.S.A. - Meltdown
  • Leisure Cruise - Ragged Dawn
  • Class Actress - Weekend
  • Maize - Eyes on the Highway

The film is one of the most appraised skateboarding films by people all over the world since it manages to capture the feel of friendship, community, and love, that is spread by the discipline and those who practice it around the world, struggles with law enforcement and the way skateboarders learn how to deal with pain are also some of the segments you will be able to check in the film, all of it with the best cinematic quality possible, so this is not any kind of film or full-length skateboarding video, this is THE skateboarding film, it not only tells a story but shows you the story frame by frame, trick by trick, country by country.

We will risk it with this one and give it 5 stars out of 5, and we have a secret for you, we found the full film in HD for you, watch it here! You can thank us later!



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