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Skate Movie Review: The Creature Video

By Paula Osorio
Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Along with "Born Dead" (2006), "Black Metal" (2007), "Hesh Law" (2009), and "CSFU" (2013), the plainly called “Creature Video” is, without a doubt, a horrid piece of good vert, transition, and street skating. Since its founding in 1994, Creature Skateboards has been characterized by its ghoulish visuals and love of horror art. The movie that we’re reviewing today fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the brand; wide boards, cool tricks, horror scenes, and interesting openings.


Get On With the Action

Chris Russell starts the adventure with a performance you would expect from a professional like him. Ruling every ramp and pool he rode, Chris’s role was highlighted by a crude skate style, landing handplants, and making feeble grinds with Darkthorne’s “Raised On Rock” playing in the background. After drinking a radioactive shot, Peter Raffin shows off his amazing skills on multiple big jumps. Al Partanen was in charge of building an atmosphere of Terror Visions and hardcore Rock n’ Rolls on all the pools and the spouts he’d find.

Next up was Truman Hooker’s rocket explosions, wallrides, grinds, long manuals, and landings on dusty surfaces made his role one of the most fun montages to watch. And for his soundtrack...The Zound’s “True Love”.






Then, Willis Kimbel’s took over the set. A couple of slams showing off his loose style and 50-50 long handrails. You can also see some great SHIT® from Josh Rodriguez, Allysha Le, and Cory Juneau as they kept the pressure on with their speedy tricks and transitions on big bowls and ramps. John Gardner’s also showed off on some big gaps.


When the Horde Arose

You know something serious is coming when you see Darren Navarrette getting out of a trash can. He started landing inverts super smoothly but then the Vert Vampire shocked us all by pulling a 540 spin. Duuuuude!

Ryan Reyes starred in a Ring scene and amazingly-performed BS and FS tail grinds while Kap Bambino’s “Blacklist” played. Young Jimmy Wilkins wowed the public with shweet vert stunts and opened the stage for a crazy Brazilian dude called Milton Martinez. “Destrucción” by the V8 was the track that Milton did several grinds, wallrides, kickflips, transitions, and jumps to.

Spins, body varials, and one-foots were the main components of David Gravette’s role, where he showed us why he’s a pro ghoul for Creature.

In this film, we saw Kevin Bækkel being kidnapped in an enchanted forest, declaring himself a freak on the board and proving it by landing impossibles on flat ground, benihanas on a pool, and board slides everywhere. Even a dog went nuts about this dude’s skills.

This film by Lee Charon and Daf Noah portrays the amusing talent from the Creature’s team. As they always say “Ride with Us. Die with Us”.


Skate safe and peace out! 




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